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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden February Virtual Exhibition


Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Hosted By Poet Gold

Saturday, February 6, 2021 - Friday, February 4, 2022

View Reception on Facebook Live

Hosted by Poet Gold

Watch the virtual exhibition opening and artist reception recorded on Saturday, February 6, 2021

February 2021 muse.jpg

February Muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Traveling the

Edge of Oasis

February Exhibition Montage

A video montage of all works of art from the February virtual exhibition

In Other Words by Frank Matheis Vol II, Issue 2

February Musical Accompaniments

Whistlin' Blues Performed by Piedmont Blūz

Whistlin' Blues
00:00 / 03:24

New Familiar - Original Song Lyrics by Jackie Merritt

Vocal by Resa Gibbs

New Familiar
00:00 / 01:54

February Exhibition Artists

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Karen LaFleur

Nancy Tucker

Diane Churchill

Lynette Charters

Jane Dell

Crystal Marshall

Dustan Osborn

Chia-Hui, Luo 羅嘉惠

Ellen Pliskin

Barbara J. Fish

Bridget Pavalow

Marlow Shami

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Leonie Castelino

Irene Osborn

Roxanna Groves

Paola Bari

Harriet Forman Barrett

Lena Mösko

Jackie Merritt

Resa Gibbs

Osiris Munir

Suzy Sureck

Elaine Forrest

Rosalind Schneider

Douglas Newton

Vivre Sa Vie, a painting by Erla Thórarinsdottir
Screen-shot from Midwinter Dream, a video animation by Karen LaFleur
Page From A Lost Book, a painting by Diane Churchill
Always Remain In Your Heart, a painting by Erla Thórarinsdottir
From The Missing Women Series: De Kooning’s Muse-Ochre, a painting by Lynette Charters
Mixed Bag, a painting by Jane Dell
Wool V – Observer, a painting by Crystal Marshall
Winter Garden, a photograph by Dustan Osborn
VI 2020118 Collection, an Installation by Chia-Hui, Luo 羅嘉惠
Wagon, a painting by Ellen Pliskin
Inklings, a painting by Barbara J. Fish
系Ⅸ 20200417 Consecutive, an Installation by Chia-Hui, Luo 羅嘉惠
Family, a digital drawing by Bridget Pavalow
Delight, a photographic composite by Marlow Shami
Boundaries, a digital drawing by Bridget Pavalow
Ananda, a painting by Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs
Butterfly, a textile sculpture by Leonie Castelino
Emergence, a painting by Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs
Comfort, a sculpture by Irene Osborn
Life, a painted porcelain tile by Paola Bari
Strutt, a sculpture by Harriet Forman Barrett
Untitled (2019-01), a painting by Lena  Mösko
One Degree Of Separation, a pastel by Jackie Merritt
Lavender Bliss, a painting by Osiris Munir
Wind, a drawing by Suzy Sureck
Unteathered, a drawing by Suzy Sureck
Ramble, a drawing by Suzy Sureck
Black Bird, a painting by Elaine Forrest
Volcanic Manifestation, a painting by Rosalind Schneider
Candies and Glass, a painting by Douglas Newton
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Color Group



J.C.C. Fund, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York

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