Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden Founding Artist Members Directory

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Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales



Hannah Rosenstein

Harriet Forman Barrett


Heidi Lewis Coleman​

Hilda Green Demsky

Hildreth Potts

Howard Goodman


Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz

Ilse Schreiber-Noll

Inka Juslin

Irene Osborn


Jackie Merritt

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Jane Dell​

Janet Rutkowski

제뉴어리 조 윤 - January Yoon Cho

Jean O'Neill

Jeanette Rodriguez

Jenna Lash​

Jennifer Cadoff

Jennifer H. Pien​

Jennifer Moné Hill

Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz

Jeremy K. Bullis

Jessica Rechtschaffer

Jill Parry

Joan Blazis Levitt

Jo-Ann Brody

John Armstrong

John Gibson

Joy Brown

Joyce Pommer

Judith Wyer

Judy Lyons Schneider

Juliet Martin


Karen B Allen

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen LaFleur

Karen Starrett

Kate Thomas

Kathleen Goldberg

Kathleen Migliore Newton​

Kazaan Viveiros

Kenneth Sean Golden

Ker Berdimurat Beckley 

Khadija Zizi, PhD

Kit Callahan

Kris Lee

Kristjana Samper

Krisztina Asztalos

Kyra Hazou​


L. Brandon Krall

Larry Dell

LaThoriel Badenhausen

Laura Cannamela

Laurie Sheridan

Lena Mösko

Leonie Castelino

Leslie Connito

Leslie Hardie

Leslie Pelino

Linda Filley

Linda Greenhouse

Linda Kuehne

Linda Stillman​

Lisa Breznak

Lisa D'Amico, PhD

Lisa Fuge

Lisa K Rosenstein

Lise Prown

Lois Sylvia Bender

Luz Castaneda​

Lynette Charters​


Mansheng Wang

Marcy B. Freedman

Margarita Nuller

Maria Morabito

Marieken Cochius

Marilyn Richeda

Marjie Zelman​

Marlene Siff  

Marlow Shami 

Mary McFerran

Maya Matheis

Maya Rau Murthy

Mei Wang / 王槑

Melinda Green Tepler

Michael Abene

Michael Gellatly

Micheline Klagsbrun

Michelle Cooke

Mimi Czajka Graminski

Mireya Samper

Miriam Stern

Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Visoky

Miyuki Kido 城戸みゆき

Moira Trachtenberg​

Monique Allain

Monroe Hodder



Nalini Rau, Ph.D.

Classical Dance, Story Telling, Poetry

Nalini Rau,Ph.D photo by Rob Reynolds
Nalini Rau,Ph.D photo by Rob Reynolds

Photo credit: Rob Reynolds

Dr. Nalini Rau is a leading dancer and choreographer of Bharatanatyam in New York.  Dr. Rau explores contemporary issues melding theater, dance and poetry. Since 1993, she has delighted in her roles as a director, teacher and story teller to students in Natya Anubhava Academy.

Website: nalinirau.com


Nancy Egol Nikkal

Collage and Painting

AMOK by Nancy Nikkal.jpg
WORRY by Nancy Egol Nikkal

My work is described as lyrical abstraction. My primary studio practice is mixed media collage with painting, drawing, printmaking and found paper media. My work is tactile and about the sense of touch. I see and feel the ways papers and paint are in relationship and balance each other with subtle tension, see two recent series – Curvy Geometric and Metro.

Website: nikkal.com

Blog: The Art of Collage   

Instagram: nancynikkal_artist


Nancy Tucker

 Composer. Lyricist. Guitarist. Humorist. 

Nancy Tucker headshot.jpg
Nancy Tucker's guitars.jpg

Nancy Tucker is a gifted musician who “inhabits an off-beat alternative universe that inspires music to tumble into riotous abandon” says the Los Angeles Times. Her delightful spontaneity honors the playful side in each of us and offers a pathway for rediscovering the jubilance of life.

She is an accomplished guitarist, composer, lyricist and humorist with a lifelong career of live performance and recording for both children and adults.  Her music features melodic finger-style compositions, inventive percussion-isms, moving string-quartets and lyrical ingenuity. Her recognitions include: A Gold Parents’ Choice Award, Grand Prize Winner/Connecticut Comedy Festival, Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award/Connecticut Song Writers Association.

Website: nancytucker


Naomi Teppich

Ceramic Mixed Media Sculptures, Ferro-Cement Sculptures

Naomi Teppich & studio.jpg
Florescence by Naomi Teppich.jpg
Astrhelia by Naomi Teppich.jpg

Looking at plants, shells, sea creatures, fungi, bark, and cacti inspire my art. I build small to medium-sized ceramic mixed media sculptures, and also large public ferro-cement sculptures. My materials for these large shell sculptures are stoneware fired in several different kilns. I use hand and electric tools to design my works. My pieces are filled with textures, glazes, and clay colors.
My surrounding environment inspires my ideas. I am influenced by rural settings and observations from my travels. The challenge of almost duplicating these organic forms that I find in nature or in photos is enjoyable for me.

Website: naomiteppichsculpt.com

Instagram: ntsculpt2016


Nayeli García

Video, Intervention Arts, Installation Art, Collage and Stone Lithography

nayeli garcia.png
Mesa de trabajo 2.png
Nayeli García (3).png

Nayeli García, State of Mexico, Mx, artist, art educational mediator, and cultural manager, my work usually talk about our interaction with social context concerning relationships, violence, power and identity. I trying to Intervene a place, a speech or idea with mix techniques and concept to give a visual and material perspective about site specific in two ways: social insertion (we or they with) which include participants or collaborations and personal insertion (me) that means introspective or individual works about my point of view.

Website: nayeligarciag

YouTube: Nayeli García   

Instagram: nayeligarciag_


Nazanin Hedayat Munroe, M.F.A. Ph.D.

Textile Artist, Art Historian

Shirin by Dr. Nazanin Hedayat Munroe.png
Layli by Dr. Nazanin Hedayat Munroe.png

Although I’ve been a textile artist my whole career, I am also a storyteller. Inspired by the Persian poets of my ancestry, my own work is often in conversation with literary characters, who were sometimes depicted on garments. Exploring and reinterpreting the application of Persian motifs and themes, I work with garments as a metaphor of the human condition. The handmade textiles are patterned with historical iconography and Sufi poetry using manual and digital techniques, juxtaposing ancient and modern processes. Garments are photographed or videoed to create a personal narrative, and often displayed within panels creating an enclosed space, representing the mind of the wearer.

I invite viewers into the space, so they can contribute to the work by sharing their own story. Relating to the theme presented in each work, viewers add flowers to paper gardens, write letters to fourteenth century poets, or color textile motifs to add to a collective work accompanying my own. Themes range from love and marriage, to pathfinding and mystic contemplation. Although the references in the work are specific and historically grounded, I strive for the messages to be universal and accessible to viewers.


Neelima Prasad Sinha

Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas , Wood and Mix Medium

photo of Neelima Prasad Sinha
painting by Neelima Prasad Sinha
painting by Neelima Prasad Sinha

Dr. Neelima Prasad Sinha works at the Department of Education Delhi. She lives in New Delhi, India.

Instagram: dr.neelimaprasadsinha


Niki Ketchman

Sculpture, Inkjet Prints, Drawings, Paintings

Niki Ketchman headshot.jpg
15,000 Roses by Niki Ketchman.jpg
No One Promised you a Rose by Niki Ketchman
Exposed 3 by Niki Ketchman.jpeg

I have had many one person exhibitions including at The Katonah Museum, The New Britain Museum of American Art and the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. My work has been reviewed in many publications including the New York Times, Art in America and Sculpture Magazine. The collections at the New Britain Museum of American Art, The DeCordova Museum, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, to name a few, include my work.

Website: nikiketchman.com

Norma Greenwood

Oil Painting, Collage, Watercolor

photo of Norma Greenwood
Moongaze by Norma Greenwood.jpeg
To Spin Twilight Tales by Norma Greenwood.jpeg

Looking at plants, shells, sea creatures, fungi, bark, and cacti inspire my art. I build small to medium-sized ceramic mixed media sculptures, and also large public ferro-cement sculptures. My materials for these large shell sculptures are stoneware fired in several different kilns. I use hand and electric tools to design my works. My pieces are filled with textures, glazes, and clay colors.
My surrounding environment inspires my ideas. I am influenced by rural settings and observations from my travels. The challenge of almost duplicating these organic forms that I find in nature or in photos is enjoyable for me.

Websites: normagreenwood.comnyartistscircle.combricartsmedia.org

Instagram: normagreenwoodart

Grainy Texture


Osiris Munir

Multi-Medium Including Oil, Acrylic, Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Markers and Ink

Osiris Munir headshot.jpg
Black like That a painting by Osiris Munir

When there is a canvas, piece of wood, brick, or even flat paper, it feels as though I am touching a living breathing entity. When I close my eyes, I see a plethora of color, patterns, and designs while moving my hands simultaneously. Using pencils, pens, markers and both acrylic and oil, (with a preference for oil) I simply move brushes, palette knives, and at times fingers, based on the sensation that I feel through my fingers and the colors that I see with my eyes. Usually a piece will come to life once my hands touch a surface.
I am always inspired by what others see, feel, or experience upon viewing my work.

Websites: expressinabstract, ankhentertainmentone     

Instagram: Express in Abstract

Youtube: AnkhEntertainment

Golden Steel Plate


Pam Smilow

Mixed Media on Canvas or Paper, Printmaking (Linocut, Monoprint)

photo of Pam Smilow
painting by Pam Smilow

I have always had trouble writing about my art. I can say it much better in paint. I can, though, describe my process, which I consider close to that of a jazz musician improvising. I do not hear a symphony in my head and then put it down. Instead, I build on every stroke I do, starting with the gesso and building up layer after layer after that. My surfaces are defined by and reflect the thickness of that build up. For my vocabulary, I draw heavily on childhood memories, on many personal experiences throughout the years, and my travels. Nature continues to be one of my biggest inspirations.

When I make a painting, I seek to create a little piece of beauty and a refuge from our busy and chaotic lives, an inspiration to bring a little bit of joy into the universe through color, composition and content. I see each piece of my work as one step on a continuum, each painting not precious unto itself but as an ongoing journey. I consider myself very lucky to get up every day and enjoy what I do.

Website: pamelasmilow.com

In Other Words essay: The Sophisticated Innocence of Pam Smilow


Pamela Benham

Acrylic on Canvas, Ink and Charcoal on Paper

Pamela Benham by Paul Hansma.jpg
© Pamela Benham, Untitled SBE 52, acrylic on canvas
© Pamela Benham, Untitled SBL 19, acrylic on canvas

Pamela Benham studied painting in New York City at the Art Students’ League under a Ford Foundation Grant and a Reginald Marsh Scholarship, and she graduated from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a BFA. Moving to Paris, she studied at the Ecolé des Beaux-Arts for two years with Pierre Carron. Other influential teachers were Robert Beverly Hale, Wolf Kahn, Dory Ashton, Paul Resika, Leland Bell and Stephen Posen.

Benham is a recipient of an ARTIST SPACE Grant and an Adolph Gottlieb Foundation Grant. She was also awarded artist-in-residencies at the Skowhegan School in Maine, Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, Parson’s Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic, and Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.

She has exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and has had over twenty solo exhibitions in galleries in New YorkShe has now established her West Coast painting studio, the Art House Studio, in Santa Barbara, California.

Website: pamelabenham.com 

Instagram: pamelabenham1


Paola Bari

Overglaze on Porcelain, Ceramic

photo of Paola Bari.jpg
Donna Margherita by Paola Bari .jpg
Strelizia Alba by Paola Bari.jpg

After ending her technical career, Paola devoted her time to porcelain painting. Paola learned to love ceramics as a young girl in Italy and traveled all over to learn different techniques. Born in Italy, Paola worked for IBM in Milano until 1996, when she crossed the Atlantic. Paola's porcelain works appeared in exhibitions at prestigious galleries, including Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, Byrdcliffe Barn Pottery, and James Cox Gallery, in NY. Paola is a member and a certified artist with the International-Porcelain-Artists-and-Teachers. After concluding her career with IBM Paola has been dedicating her time to conservation. She is currently a trustee of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, located in Namibia.

Website: paolabari.com

Instagram: pbaristudio


Patricia Espinosa 

Installation, Performance, Drawing, Mixed Media, Video

Patricia Espinosa Performance Closeup.jpg
Counting The Uncounted by Patricia Espinosa .png
Americas Teddy Bear by Patricia Espinosa .jpg

I am a socially engaged interdisciplinary artist.  Born and raised in Mexico City, I was nourished by the vibrancy, passion and joie de vivre of Mexican culture. In my artwork, I approach social issues through my personal lens, cultural narrative, and daily ordinary life awareness.

Central to my practice is the concept of active participation. My process and performances become an act of making the work. I explore the physical qualities of unconventional materials I work with — recycled packaging, toys and everyday household items — removing them from their original or assigned purpose. I simplify, make subtle transformations and create new meanings.

Website: patriciaespinosa.com   

Instagram: espiarte


Patricia Stuart

Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Inks, Oil, Colored Pencil, and Fibers

Patricia Stuart's Photo .jpg
endangered specie by Patricia Stuart.jpg
PAT'S ART FIELD HANDS by Patricia Stuart.jpg

Being raised by immigrants has taught me the value of life and people. Art allows me to express what's important to me. I'm inspired to paint the faces of African American women, men, and children because they are so essential to our world! My art is uniquely inspired by my own personal story, and the stories told to me by my grandmother. I enjoy using color and design as a way to bring strength and dignity to my subject. My art evokes hope, strength, and it will make you think, and it may even make you smile.

Website: patriciastuartoriginals.com 

Instagram: artist_patricia_stuart


Pauline Chernichaw

Painting and Photography

Mama I Can't Breathe by Pauline Chernichaw

Born in post WWII Germany, Pauline Chernichaw grew up in New York City. Coming from an extended family of creatives that included filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, she developed a passion for art at a very young age.


After studying painting at the University of Miami and Brooklyn College, Pauline Chernichaw continued her studies at the International Center of Photography and New York University where she expanded her artistic vision to encompass photography. Her works are included in private and permanent collections.

Website: paulinechernichaw.com  

YouTube: RapportCeres Gallery Director Stefeny Benson on Pauline ChernichawBreaking Surface Art Exhibit           Instagram: paulinechernichaw


Penny Dell

Printmaking, Collage, Encaustic, Drawing

photo of Penny Dell.jpg
Silver Linings by Penny Dell.jpg
Rust Belt by Penny Dell.jpg

My latest work recycles patterns from the interiors of security envelopes -- pattern against pattern. Some are collaged onto woodcut or monoprint backgrounds and integrated into work reminiscent of patchwork quilts. Others are embedded into hand-made paper, or, for a more sculptural application, glued onto an armature.


These lead to reflections on the concept of security itself, and its iteration in many forms: security blankets, cyber security, homeland security, social security, or securities sold in the stock market. We yearn for security, but on every level, Security is imperfect.

With businesses now encouraging a paperless office, security envelopes may soon be nostalgic collectibles.

Website: pennydell.net, poughkeepsieopenstudios.org

Instagram: dell.penny


Phil Wiggins

Musician, Writer

photo of Phil Wiggins 2017 by Tom Pitch.jpg
front cover of Sweet Bitter Blues by Phil Wiggins & Frank Matheis.jpg
Living Blues cover featuring Phil Wiggins.jpg

Blues harmonica player Phil Wiggins is a 2017 National Heritage Fellow and multiple W.C. Handy blues award winner. With more than 40-years experience, including a dozen critically acclaimed albums (Flying Fish and Alligator Records, among others) he has appeared in numerous films and staged productions. Phil’s credentials as harmonica player, songwriter and bandleader have been honed over more than 40 years of playing with some of the greatest names in the blues. He spent 32 years in the great Piedmont blues duo of Cephas & Wiggins. He has performed on every continent except Antarctica; and, in the White House, Carnegie Hall, Prince Albert Hall, the Kennedy Center and the Sydney Opera House. He is co-author of the book ‘Sweet Bitter Blues– Washington DC’s Homemade Blues’ with the Hammond Museum contributing writer Frank Matheis.

Websites:  philwiggins.com,  sweetbitterblues.com


Piedmont Blūz

Valerie Turner: Guitar, Vocals; Benedict Turner: Washboard, Harmonica, Bones

photo of Piedmont Bluz Acoustic Duo
Cover art for Piedmont Blūz CD Ambassadors of Country Blues
cover art for Valerie Turner's book Piedmont Style Country Blues Guitar Basics

Valerie and Benedict Turner are ambassadors of Country Blues music and the Piedmont style of fingerpicking. The mission of this husband/wife duo is to help preserve these rural, east coast, African American traditions by educating audiences through musical entertainment. The husband and wife duo are much loved wherever they go. They feel that there are stories to tell, people to remember, and things that must be said. So in addition to tickling your ears with delightful music, Piedmont Blūz weaves a bit of history into the presentation of each song. When asked about the authenticity of their music, the duo will quickly tell you, “We're not trying to preserve songs note for note or word for word. And we're not trying to sound like the original artists either, because that's already been done! We approach each piece from our own perspective and have no qualms about changing lyrics or melodies to suit ourselves. Music is supposed to evolve and, even though we are helping to preserve it, we think we should also have the freedom to infuse it with our own personalities.”

Website: piedmontbluz.com

Digital Venue: piedmontbluzcafe


Poet Gold

Poet, Author, Performer, Songwriter, Community “Artivist” and Speaker

Poet Gold Headshot_.jpg
When My Soul Speaks, I Scribe by Poet Gold
You are My Blue by Poet Gold & Bibiana Huang Matheis.jpg

A rare talent who grabs you by the heart and says “Recognize” – Poet, author, performer, songwriter, community “Artivist”, speaker and emcee, Bettina “Poet Gold” Wilkerson is pushing the boundaries of poetry and the spoken word. Living with a chronic illness since childhood, Poet Gold, or as she is affectionately known as “Gold”, brings a soul-searching insight about the human existence, love, dreams, challenges, and triumph.

Appointed the 2017 and 2018 NYS Dutchess County Poet Laureate, Poet Gold is the recipient of numerous awards which include the 2016 Dutchess County Executive’s Artivist Award and the Dutchess County Athena Award honoree. With countless recitations, she has opened for Grammy-nominated artists and has spoken at renowned organizations such as Omega Institute and Self Employment in the Arts.

As a teaching artist, Poet Gold has collaborated with institutions and non-profits who support STEAM education. She has worked with at risk youth (Youth with Promise) and has served organizations who utilize the arts to confront issues such as gun violence in their communities to social justice. Poet Gold’s speaking engagements and non-traditional poetry workshops engage audiences in understanding the direct connection between literacy, elevating their voice, goal setting, and the achievement of their dreams.

Presently she is the co-host for the iHeart Radio show and podcast “Finding Out with Pete and The Poet Gold”, as well as Creator and Host for the online web-series “Leading with Artivism”, a collaboration with Arts Mid-Hudson. Her distinct voice will be heard, playing the role of God, in the upcoming animated short film “The Creation” poem by James Weldon Johnson, directed by award winning animated film maker, Steve Leeper.

Poet Gold is an activist of the heart. Her words inspire to explore the essence of humanity.

Instagram: _poetgold_

Podcasts: peter and the poet gold

Linkedin: poetgoldbgw

YouTube: bGold w


Prem Singh

Oil on Canvas

Prem Singh headshot.jpg
Lyrical Voices 1 an oil painting by Prem Singh
Lyrical Voices 2 an oil painting by Prem Singh
Lyrical Voices 3 an oil painting by Prem Singh

Art for me is one of the vital means of seeking relationship with the people . My paintings reflect on playful , and prayerful , moments that I experience through my dialogue with the manifest and the unmanifest in Nature . What I seek in my artistic expressi