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Comfort, a sculpture by Irene Osborn


Irene Osborn


11 x 4 X 3 inches

Not For Sale

Collection of the Artist

Olympia, Washington

Roxanna Groves


Olympia, Washington



When I was small my mother’s arms held me completely,

wrapping my aching heart or scraped knee

close to her.

She was my blanket of stars

and warm green grass and all the leaves rustling in the trees over my head.

I grew out of small and those arms

could not hold both me and the universe.

Other arms welcomed me,

Held me tight made me safe

like a campfire in the dark, a place my heart opened like a rose or a dandelion or an umbrella in the rain, my shelter.

When they were small

I held them completely, wrapping their

bruised hearts and skinned knees

In the circle of my arms completely,

letting them go when the universe called. Life is a circle leading me back

to my mother’s arms. I hold her completely,

we are blankets of stars and warm green grass

and all the leaves in the trees and all the roses and dandelions, we are circles of comfort

In each other’s arms.


For Irene, Roxanna Groves, January 2021

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