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Whistlin' BluesPiedmont Blūz
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Whistlin' Blues

Piedmont Blūz

by Rev. Gary Davis, arr. Valerie Turner

Valerie Turner - Guitar

Ben Turner - Washboard


Rev. Gary Davis didn't put much stock into open tunings, and he didn't believe in using slides - he felt that it was cheating. However, in Whistling Blues, Davis did both, and that's what makes the piece interesting to us.

February Artist Spotlight Piedmont Blūz


Piedmont Blūz is an acoustic, husband/wife duo comprised of Valerie and Benedict Turner. They are ambassadors of Country Blues music and the Piedmont style of fingerpicking, and their mission is to help preserve these rural, east coast traditions by educating audiences about this unique aspect of African American culture through musical entertainment.


They have been entertaining audiences both domestically and abroad and are much loved wherever they go. As 2018 inductees into the New York Blues Hall of Fame, this husband and wife duo feel that "there are stories to tell, people to remember, and things that must be said" so, in addition to tickling your ears with delightful music, they weave a bit of history into the presentation of each song.


A Piedmont Blūz concert isn’t just music – it’s an experience as they transport you back to the 1920s and 1930s, the hey-day of acoustic Country Blues music. In addition to performing songs from that time-frame, they introduce each piece with an interesting anecdote about either the composer, the time period, or the song itself.



"Just when people think the old country blues of the Mid-Atlantic has faded away, along come the wonderful husband and wife duo of Valerie and Ben Turner who are the heirs to the Piedmont blues tradition. They are known as the duo 'Piedmont Blūz and play the truehearted, authentic country blues with love. It'll warm you heart. Keep your ears on Piedmont Blūz." - Frank Matheis, Hammond Museum contributing writer, Publisher:, Writer: Living Blues

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