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VI 2020118 Collection, an Installation by Chia-Hui, Luo 羅嘉惠

VI 2020118 Collection

Chia-Hui, Luo 羅嘉惠

Mixed Media Installation

1,000 x 280 x 200 cm

$4,300 USD - INQUIRE

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


The string of knots, created by tying the fabrics together, is frequently used in my works and have always been the central theme. It is not only a connection between my memory and my mother who sewed the clothes but also a symbol of the connection between people, things, and places. The exhibition of “Series VI 2020118: Collection” spans Chinese New Year, a season of a family reunion. I can still recall - grandfather hung two big red lanterns in front of doors, chili and dried vegetable hung on the wall, and harvest of this year piled in the basket. The color and stuff of Chinese New Year, red bricks, orange tangerines, the cloth which covers on the God table, Grandmother’s red sheets with flower motifs, and verses which were written on red papers pasted on both sides and above the doors, are the elements and main hue of my installation art.

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