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From The Missing Women Series: De Kooning’s Muse-Ochre, a painting by Lynette Charters

From The Missing Women Series: De Kooning’s Muse-Ochre

Lynette Charters

Acrylic on Board

20 x 27.5 inches

$3,720 USD - INQUIRE

Olympia, Washington


In 1950 De Kooning took a break from Abstract Expressionism to paint a series of six paintings called “Woman.” DeKooning was vague in his response to accusations of misogyny, positing the women in his paintings were not virtuous but had dignity. The original, Woman-Ochre was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum of Art. 32 years later it turned up in an antique store in New Mexico, so Muse-Ochre is a Missing Women two-fer one. This is The Missing Women version of De Kooning’s ‘Woman-Ochre'

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