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One Degree Of Separation, a pastel by Jackie Merritt

One Degree Of Separation

Jackie Merritt

Color Pastel/Charcoal on Paper

28 x 18 inches

Not For Sale

Hampton, Virginia


“One Degree Of Separation” honors the love and loss of our loved ones. My mother passed two years ago, but often it seems like yesterday. I was her caregiver for many years. This drawing and song speak of that time. Hopefully, it will provide strength to those waking up daily with the pains of coping and healing.

New Familiarlyrics by Jackie Merritt sung by Resa Gibbs
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New Familiar

Original Song Lyrics by Jackie Merritt

Vocal by Resa Gibbs


Now I go to help you dress

Change your bed you just slept in

Wash the clothes you once wore,

You are now, my New Familiar.


Things ain’t the way they use to be.

I care for you, the way you cared for me

Seems like I’ve been here before,

You are now, my New Familiar.


I go to bed with what could be

Dreaming of the days you spent with me

Your hopes and fears bring me to my knees.

You are now, my New Familiar.

You are Now My New Familiar

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