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Lavender Bliss, a painting by Osiris Munir

Lavender Bliss

Osiris Munir

Oil/Palette knife

Not For Sale

30 x 24 inches

Los Angeles, California


This was a gift for my sisters birthday. She loves lavender and Monet.

Story behind the piece: I have extended family members, one is my sister Gabrielle Graf.

We have known each other for over 20 years and she never told me she liked Lavender until a few years back. Every year I would tell her I'm going to paint something in Lavender for her that would keep her calm and her moods lifted and so; one day, I painted “Lavender Bliss” with a palette knife because her love of Lavender inspired me to do so.

I waited for it to dry before shipping it to her in Ohio.

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