Tea [Chanoyu]

Chanoyu - The Way of Tea

The tradition of Chanoyu or the Way of Tea, has been regarded as the highlight of the Japanese Renaissance since it was created over 500 years ago.


The culture was based on its timeless Zen principles of Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility.


This perspective created a unique foundation upon which all of the Japanese Arts was developed. This included the highly stylized art of Japanese garden design, calligraphy, ceramics and flower arrangements. It also continued to influence every corner of  Japanese life including food, clothing, music, architecture,  dance and literature.


The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden was designed as the  ultimate transmigration of a cultural treasure from the East for all human beings in the West to  appreciate. We are proud to preserve this traditions to demonstrate their relevance in the modern context of the West today.



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