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Photographs of Student Work

The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden is indebted to Dr. Eve Eisenstadt, District Arts Coordinator for Scarsdale Schools, and to Adrienne Sapione, Ceramics Teacher for Scarsdale High School, and to their students, for allowing us to showcase their work resulting from the Ceramics Tea Bowls and Moon Viewing Festival Lesson Plans. 


Results of students who work on these lesson plans in other school districts will be added to the Hammond Website as school districts submit the student work to the Hammond.

Scarsdale High School

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Andrea Rodriguez

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Emily Yacoub

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Jack Porter

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Katherine Smyth

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Renata Fu

Ceramic Tea Bowl by Jean-Baptiste Wubet

Moon Viewing Festival by Anna Toscano

Moon Viewing Festival by Kanae Ibi 

This educational section has been made possible through

the generosity of the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership

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