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Winter Garden, a photograph by Dustan Osborn

Winter Garden

Dustan Osborn

Photograph Taken with Leica, Printed on Moab Baryta Rag Paper

13 x 19 inches

Not for Sale

Chehalis, Washington


Looking through frosted panes at withered garden stubble, one dreams of warmth and better times. The quotation from the 13th Persian poet Rumi holds so true, “when you have a garden and friends, you possess everything.” Today’s scourge shall pass, but pain persists where cupidity, solipsism, and credulity collide in a perfect storm. Like the icy mountain lake I dove into as a boy, today’s news takes my breath with a thousand needle pricks that soon become numbness. At least the lake was invigorating and warm summer sun dried me when I came ashore. No matter the disbelief in today’s headlines of conceit, vulgarity and the relentless onslaught of plague, I see a better time coming and long for quiet moments in the garden and conversation with dear friends.

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