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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden Founding Artist Members Directory

Listed alphabetically by first name

Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales


Adam Grabois


Aki Kano

Alice Harrison​

Allan Cyprys​

Amitabh Shrivastav   

Amy R Farrell

Amy Zhang

Andrea Bonfils

Andrew Zelman

Ann Mallory

Ann Tetelman

Anna Rose Holmer

Asra Rán Björt

Ayu Arista Murti


Baltasar Samper 

Barbara Fish

Barbara Herzfeld

Barbara Masterson

Bärbel Thiel

Basha Ruth Nelson

Bert Rechtschaffer

Beth Barry​

Beth Haber

Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Bobby Jacobs

Brandur Patursson

Brian Sheridan

Bridget Pavalow

Byron Keith Byrd


Carla Goldberg

Carla Rae Johnson

Carol Flaitz

Carol Oster​

Carol Radsprecher

Carol Schwartz

Carole Bonicelli

Carolyn Oberst

Cassandra Jennings Hall

Catherine Schmitt

Catherine Vanaria 

Cathey Billian

Cathy O’Keefe

Cathy O'Keefe Jarcho    

Ceci Cole McInturff​

Cedric van Eenoo

Charles Daviet

Chema Chino

Chia-Hui Luo  羅嘉惠

Chris Farrell

Christina Saj​

Chuck von Schmidt 

Cindy Sacks

Clara Joris

Connie Freid

Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Crystal Marshall


Dale Leifeste

Daniel Kabakoff

David Skora

Deborah Loeb Bohren

Diane Churchill

Donald Schwartz

Doreen Pagano Halsall

Douglas Newton

Douglass Ridgeway

Dustan Osborn


Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Weitzman

Elaine Forrest

Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor Wong

Elisa Pritzker

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Elizabeth Digiorgio

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta​

Ellen Pliskin

Ellen W Kaplan

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D.


Frank Kara

Frank Matheis

Fred Levine


Gail Winbury

George-Ann Gowan

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene


Hannah Rosenstein

Harriet Forman Barrett


Heidi Lewis Coleman​

Hilda Green Demsky

Hildreth Potts

Howard Goodman


Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz

Ilse Schreiber-Noll

Inka Juslin

Irene Osborn


Jackie Merritt

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Jane Dell​

Janet Rutkowski

제뉴어리 조 윤 - January Yoon Cho

Jean O'Neill

Jeanette Rodriguez

Jenna Lash​

Jennifer Cadoff

Jennifer H. Pien​

Jennifer Moné Hill

Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz

Jeremy K. Bullis

Jessica Rechtschaffer

Jill Parry

Joan Blazis Levitt

Jo-Ann Brody

John Armstrong    

John Gibson

Joy Brown

Joyce Pommer

Judith Wyer

Judy Lyons Schneider  

Juliet Martin


Karen B Allen

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen LaFleur

Karen Starrett

Kate Thomas

Kathleen Goldberg

Kathleen Migliore Newton​

Kazaan Viveiros

Kenneth Sean Golden

Ker Berdimurat Beckley 

Khadija Zizi, PhD

Kit Callahan

Kris Lee

Kristjana Samper

Krisztina Asztalos

Kyra Hazou​


L. Brandon Krall

Larry Dell

LaThoriel Badenhausen

Laura Cannamela

Laurie Sheridan

Lena Mösko

Leonie Castelino

Leslie Connito

Leslie Hardie

Leslie Pelino

Linda Filley

Linda Greenhouse

Linda Kuehne

Linda Stillman​

Lisa Breznak

Lisa D'Amico, PhD

Lisa Fuge

Lisa K Rosenstein

Lise Prown

Lois Sylvia Bender

Luz Castaneda​

Lynette Charters​


Mansheng Wang

Marcy B. Freedman

Margarita Nuller

Maria Morabito

Marieken Cochius

Marilyn Richeda

Marjie Zelman​

Marlene Siff  

Marlow Shami 

Mary McFerran

Maureen Burns-Bowie

Maya Matheis

Maya Rau Murthy

Mei Wang / 王槑

Melinda Green Tepler

Michael Abene

Michael Gellatly

Micheline Klagsbrun

Michelle Cooke

Mimi Czajka Graminski

Mireya Samper

Miriam Stern

Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Visoky

Miyuki Kido 城戸みゆき

Moira Trachtenberg​

Monique Allain

Monroe Hodder

Letter C


Carla Goldberg

Mixed Media Artist and Independent Curator

Carla Goldberg photo.jpg
artwork by Carla Goldberg
artwork by Carla Goldberg

Carla Goldberg is from Palm Springs, California but has made the Hudson Valley her home since the early 90’s. She is a mixed media artist and independent curator, past Director of Beacon Artist Union and Skylight Gallery NYC in Chelsea. She has curated exhibitions in NY, CA, Sweden, South Africa and Germany. Her most recent curation in Berlin, Germany in June of 2018 garnered positive reviews by Barbara Hopp of Feuilletonscouts and pick of the week in Art Life Berlin. Carla has shown her artworks in over 300 solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in museums, universities and galleries. Her sculptural paintings and drawings bring to mind dreamy memories of water in moments of movement. She is the winner of the 2014 Connecticut “SeaGrant”, a partnership between the University of Connecticut and the nation’s primary ocean agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for her Sea Foam Sculptural drawings.


Carla Goldberg

Carla Rae Johnson

Sculpture, Drawing, Performance, Installation, and Conceptual Art

Carla Rae Johnson photo.jpg
Anne Frank Meets Albert Schweitzer from the Séance Series by Carla Rae Johnson
detail of Anne Frank Meets Albert Schweitzer from the Séance Series by Carla Rae Johnson

My work is directly connected to ideas and often addresses issues of social, political, and cultural import.  A 2017 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Drawing, a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Sculpture, and a 1990 recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, I have exhibited in museums and galleries locally, nationally, and in New York City.


Carla Rae Johnson

Carol Flaitz

Mixed Media

Carol Flaitz
Fissure VIII by Carol Flaitz
Volatile Minutae II by Carol Flaitz

Carol Flaitz uses a variety of textured media, including encaustic, to develop abstract paintings inspired by geological landscapes. The natural formations that inspire her work can be one millionth of a meter wide, visible only with the aid of a microscope, or iconic landmarks, stretching a thousand meters tall. Between her mix of inspiration and variety of techniques, Carol's artwork provides mesmerizing illusions of a questionable scale.


Carol Flaitz

Carol Oster

Sculpture/Installation, Mixed Media, Archived Materials

Carol Oster.JPG
artwork by Carol Oster
artwork by Carol Oster

This body of work explores the notions of permanence/impermanence, materials/memories, and deterioration/resurrection. The materials used are excavated from the artists’ cupboards, threads from a child's blanket, toys, photos, rubbings, charred 4th of July sparklers, letters sent from a war. These are the physical vestiges gleaned to be reimagined in sculptural form referencing the artist as a child growing up with a prisoner of war. Growing up in a railroad apt where one room was a pathway to another room, finding a private place was a challenge. Every loose floorboard and tile a hidden space to harbor scribbled secrets and drawings. Knowing that they existed where others walked unaware of their existence, bestowed a power in a child’s world where there is none. Hiding objects in plaster, wood or twine remains a way to commit an act of creation as well as sharing the discovery.



Carol Oster

Carol Radsprecher

Digital Prints Drawn and Colored in Photoshop. Oil on Canvas

Carol Radsprecher headshot.jpg
Carol Radsprecher's painting Whirligig
Carol Radsprecher's Kind of Scary

Carol Radsprecher’s images combine figurative and abstract elements. She earned her MFA in painting from Hunter College, CUNY (1988) and her BFA in painting from Hunter (1985). A longtime painter, she discovered the wonders of digital image-making and found that media well-suited to her need to make a succession of rapidly-evolving narrative images based on distorted representations of the human body, especially the female body. Her work has appeared in several solo shows and numerous group shows, and has been published in print and/or online publications.


Instagram: cradsprecher

Carol Radsprecher

Carol Schwartz


Carol Schwartz artist photo
Warrior Women & Extraordinary People by Carol Schwartz
Bridge by Carol Schwartz

Carol Schwartz is a figurative sculptor who captures both strength and innocence in the people and objects she sculpts. Architecturally trained, her attachment to the building process is evident in her methods of construction.

Her work gives us visual and intellectual stimulation in the way they made us feel and in how they make us think.

She has received fellowships, scholarships and recognition from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the Margo Harris Hammerschlag foundation, Pratt Institute, the Allen Tucker Foundation. Her work has been collected and shown in galleries and shows across the country. 


Instagram: carol_schwartz_sculptor

YouTube: Birthing a RhinoFormidable Women 

Carol Schwartz

Carole Bonicelli

Paint, Pastels, Clay and Glass

Carole Bonicelli photo.jpg
detail of a painting by Carole Bonicelli
a painting by Carole Bonicelli

There’s no one material that is specific to the imagination and I am an artist who is inspired by different media. I love to push the boundaries between paint, pastels, clay and glass. However varied my tools, my art is conceptually unified in exploring the bond between the spiritual and the material life that I find in nature and in human culture. I have found inspiration in the ordinary and the extraordinary and have been the recording artist on scientific expeditions around the world. Examples of my work can be found on my website.


Carole Bonicelli

Carolyn Oberst

Oil on Canvas and Paper, Watercolor on Paper

Carolyn Oberst in her studio
Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most 2019 by Carolyn Oberst
How We Begin to Remember 2019 by Carolyn Oberst

I am an interdisciplinary artist working with various media, currently concentrating on the directness of oil paint on canvas. No matter what the medium, my image making always begins with drawings that are modified and changed as the work evolves.

My latest inspirations come from our contemporary culture. Figures play with how profile, contour, posture, and gesture have the ability to communicate traits about anonymous subjects. Combining them with shapes set in and through abstracted spaces creates a way of visualizing the internal impulses of the mind. While suggestive, these are not narratives, allowing viewers to make their own connections.


Instagram: oberst.carolyn

Carolyn Oberst

Cassandra Jennings Hall

Abstract Acrylic on Canvas

photo of Cassandra Jennings Hall
Expansive Spring II by Cassandra Jennings Hall
Power of Wind 3 by Cassandra Jennings Hall

For the last 20 years, Jennings Hall has been painting and showing her work. Initially, she worked in a hard edge geometric style but became dissatisfied with the constriction of the linear form. She began to create works with subtle surfaces full of rich color, balancing calligraphic lines and soft edged shapes which betray a studied simplicity. Then she entered the realm of digital art using her I Pad. Digital art was not for her so she went back to her original process. Jennings Hall's work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, universities and corporations as well as in private and corporate art collections in the New York metropolitan area. Jennings Hall continues to live and work in New Jersey.


Instagram: cassandrajenningshall

Cassandra Jennings Hall

Catherine Vanaria

Analog and Digital Photography

Catherine Vanaria portrait.jpg
channelsurfing 05 by Catherine Vanaria
channelsurfing 4 by Catherine Vanaria

Catherine Vanaria is a photographer, master darkroom technician, and educator. Her work is included in many private collections and numerous group shows throughout the northeast United States including the Aldrich Museum (Ridgefield, CT). Her photographs have been published in XTC: Song Stories (Hyperion, 1998), Exposure: Special Edition, extended booklet accompanying Robert Fripp's re-release (Discipline, 2006), Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen (Smithsonian Books, 2017) and This is Pop, a documentary on the band XTC (2017).

Catherine is Chair of the Department of Art and Associate Professor of Photography at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT.


Instagram: catherinevanaria

Catherine Vanaria

Cathey Billian

Etched Photography on Metal and Installation Sculpture

Cathey Billian at armory
BIPLANAR ARRIVAL by Cathey Billian
RICHARD'S NIGHT by Cathey Billian

Cathey Billian’s current artistic practice is etched photographics on metal, and environmental installations. Commissions/installations include Future Antiquities -the Whitney Museum Sculpture Court-NYC, YIELD -Yellowstone National Park, & BiPlanar Arrival , -for a Phoenix airport.

Collections owning her work include the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Park Service, and the collection of Vice-President Al Gore. Awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, & residencies/awards 6 from the National Park Service, the New York/NJ Port Authority, the Experimental Glass Workshop, NY, & 4 NY State Council on the Arts Project grants.  She is a recently retired full Professor from Pratt Institute, where she earned her Masters with highest honors.


Cathey Billian

Cathy O’Keefe

Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media

painting by Cathy O’Keefe
painting by Cathy O’Keefe

Cathy O’Keefe is an abstract expressionist painter, influenced by the great painters of the mid-20th century.

Currently, she is creating colorful and monochromatic, heavily textured frottages made with relief ink or clay, oil pastels, pastels, oil sticks, acrylics, and other media. She is experimenting with grounds, using everything from canvas to wood. The frottages mark a new direction for Ms. O’Keefe, while she continues to paint in oils and acrylics.

She exhibits in galleries and other venues in the U.S. Her work is on public display in several non-profit organizations focused on social justice and mental health.


Instagram: cathyokeefenyc

Cathy O’Keefe

Ceci Cole McInturff

Sculpture, Hand-Formed Paper, Book Objects

Ceci Cole McInturff artist photo.jpg
Means Of Flight by Ceci Cole McInturff
Sacred by Ceci Cole McInturff

Ceci Cole McInturff works in sculpture, hand-formed paper, narrative installation, and book objects. Drawn to a wabi sabi-like, less-impacted beauty, she often nontraditionally combines plant and animal material to achieve an intimate, hand-formed quality and honor the wisdom and cyclical lessons of nature.

Founder of former 87FLORIDA non-profit exhibit and performance space and current studio member of the Otis Street Arts Project, both in Washington DC. MFA in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University; completed two years of MA/Art and the Book at Corcoran College of Art+Design; former executive with the CBS Television Network; mother of two sons.


Instagram: artistcecicolemcinturff

YouTube: Wabi SabiAscentEpitome

Ceci Cole McInturff

Cedric van Eenoo

Mixed Media on Canvas

Untitled Cedric van Eenoo 1
Untitled Cedric van Eenoo 2

Cedric van Eenoo is an award-winning artist affiliated with Brooklyn Arts Council and Manhattan Graphics Center.


Cedric van Eenoo

Charles Daviet


photo of Charles Daviet
KATE by Charles Daviet
Bird House by Charles Daviet

Photography is always all about the light. That magical, moody, mysterious thing that scientists still have trouble explaining. I see my work as a connection to others, a gift that teaches the pleasures of patience, of lingering in the present moments, nourishing all the senses. My art has been shown at the Hammond Museum, the Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park, the Gallery in the Park in Pound Ridge Reservation, the Exposures Gallery in Sugar Loaf Village, the Northern Westchester Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, the Rotunda in New Rochelle City Hall, and Sotheby’s in Montclair, NJ, among others.

Charles Daviet

Chema Chino

Installations, Graphics, Huacal Aesthetics

photo of Chema Chino 2021.jpg
artwork by Chema Chino.jpg
artwork by Chema Chino

Plastic artist was born in the State of Guerrero Mexico in 1989. He studied the degree in Plastic Arts at the Fac. Of Arts of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex) Toluca Mexico. He specialized in the area of Installation and in parallel studied graphic. He worked as an art teacher at the EPOEM 148 Mexico Laboratory. It has individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, USA, France, Iceland and Germany. He lives and works in Munich, Germany.

Website: chemachinoworks 

Instagram: chemachino

Chema Chino

Chia-Hui Luo  羅嘉惠

Mixed Media

Luo, Chia-Hui.jpg
察 Awareness, a painting by Chia-Hui Luo
Rain a painting by Chia-Hui-Luo

Born in Taiwan. My art was inspired by Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffe's focus on process and materials. I am fascinated by the way the plaster, cloth and all these rough materials can become mix media art. In my art works I try to present specific things in life by past memories – to reflect inner self naturally. In the transformation of natural materials, I reveal my angle to reality. Therefore, my art works have not only subject but also object and it is not just an abstract expression, not only focus on its purely visual aspects but its narrative content or its relationship to the world. My art works usually appeared a memory with a beauty of sediment and flake and I think it is a beauty that covers generations with nature, genuine and unpretentious.


YouTube: 系Ⅲ 20190619—情(Complex)

Chia-Hui Luo

Chris Farrell

Musician, Composer

photo of Chris Farrell.jpg
Courage and Grace a CD by Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell is a composer and performer of contemporary spirituals and meditative piano music. He believes mindful music has healing qualities that are beneficial for both listeners and performers alike. Mindful, intentional music restores and energizes our natural tendency to move toward a state of harmony and balance.


In Other Words essay: Chris Farrell’s Thousand Blessings of Peace

Chris Farrell

Christina Saj

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Egg Tempera and Mixed Media, Installation

Christina Saj in her Studio
Corona virus 18 Spring Is Eternal 2020 by Christina Saj
Coronoa Virus 9 Hope 2020 by Christina Saj

My paintings betray a fascination with geometric abstraction, a preference for modernism and an awareness of historical context. There is no doubt that my rich cultural background has broadened my perspective and every generation searches for its own vocabulary. I feel that one must assimilate knowledge of the past in order to elucidate the present. It is my aim to create a synthesis of familiar images and meaningful symbols in order to develop a new ideal and a recognizable aesthetic that can resonate with the viewer, delight and inspire.


Instagram: christinasaj

Christina Saj

Chuck von Schmidt

Sculpture, Printmaking

Chuck von Schmidt in Amsterdam 1967
Pas La Touche by Chuck von Schmidt
UN HOMBRE TRANQUILO by Chuck von Schmidt

I have degrees from Cooper Union and, Brooklyn College, and, was on faculty of both institutions. Earlier, I was an assistant to a student of a student of Rodin. I have been visiting lecturer at RISD, and recently, an Adjunct at NJCU.
I am included in the Brooklyn College Art Department Print Portfolio, which is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Neuberger Museum. In January 2005, I was honored to personally present a sculpture, which had been commissioned by Pave The Way Foundation as a presentation gift to Pope John Paul II.  
A 1968 sculpture commissioned by actor Murphy Dunne was used in the Haskell Wexsler film “Medium Cool”. I have shown at the Anchorage Museum of Art; AnnMarie Sculpture Garden (a Smithsonian affiliate); Athens Institute for Contemporary Art; the Nassau County Museum of Art; the Islip Museum of Art and the Hammond Museum (permanent collection).
Homage to other artists is a recurring theme of mine.


Chuck von Schmidt

Clara Joris


Clara Joris foto
A BREATH OF WIND by Clara Joris

Born in Málaga, Spain. She earned her degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. 
Since 1998 she has resided in Berlin, Germany.


Starting from an acrylic base, Joris uses a figurative and poetic language; sometimes threads cross or embroider the surface of the painting. She works on different supports such as wood, linen or Japanese paper. Each created image represents a new world, that before it was conceived existed only as a soft shadow of blurred contours, like the impression of a déjà vu. 


Instagram: clarajoris

In Other Words essay: The Magical Realism of Clara Joris

Clara Joris

Connie Freid


photo of Connie Freid
Contemplating My Future a painting by Connie Freid
Together a painting by Connie Freid

I am a storyteller.  My paintings are usually based on images from the news, magazines or photos that I take. Something about the image catches my eye - a gaze, pose, setting.  Often, it's just watching someone interacting with another person or their surroundings.  Although many of my subjects are strangers, my paintings become psychological studies, pushing the boundaries beyond traditional portraiture.
The intimacy and humanism of studies of ordinary people by Goya and Rembrandt inspire me. In my own work, I often paint isolated figures with a haunting gaze, suggesting the current of anxiety that exists in today's world.
My moody and mysterious portraits evince strength, vulnerability and emotion while questioning popular ideas about gender, race and beauty.


Connie Freid

Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Watercolor Paint, Oil Paint, Silverpointe Drawings, Mixed Media

photo of Corinne Lapin-Cohen
Tulip Tree
Worm's Eye View 2

After painting traditional botanical watercolors for 20 years, I am currently working in oil paint, watercolor and drawing in silverpoint. My contemporary abstracted work is inspired by the beauty and fragility of our natural world. 

When I begin a painting, I often don’t know the direction it will take. My paintings are usually unplanned, with each brushstroke and addition of color spontaneously leading to what comes next. They are open-ended improvisations.

I draw upon nature for inspiration, both the natural world and human nature. I work until the unconscious becomes visible revealing my inner intention.

I live in Katonah, NY,  serve on The Katonah Museum Advisory Board, and teach botanical drawing and watercolor painting in my studio, StoneHouse Studio.


Instagram: corinnelapincohen

Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Crystal Marshall

Oil on Paper, Mixed Media on Paper. Oil on Steel & Digital Photography/Photography

Crystal Marshall headshot.png
Naked III Spina a painting by Crystal Marshall
Wool I a painting by Crystal Marshall

My work explores the use of narrative to evoke emotional connections that reference all aspects of life. Through symbolism and allegory I refer to what lies beneath the surface. Through the use of varying imagery of my choosing, it allows me to explore imaginative realms that defy logic but are directly influenced by life's experiences. I also investigate different themes that affect people from all walks of life, concerning life's trials and tribulations, which include hostility, victimization, exclusion, oppression and withdrawal, all of which I believe ties into spirituality.


Instagram: crysart1983

In Other Words essay: The Emancipatory Dreamscapes of Crystal Marshall

Crystal Marshall
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