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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden Founding Artist Members Directory

Listed alphabetically by first name

Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales


Adam Grabois


Aki Kano

Alice Harrison​

Allan Cyprys​

Amitabh Shrivastav   

Amy R Farrell

Amy Zhang

Andrea Bonfils

Andrew Zelman

Ann Mallory

Ann Tetelman

Anna Rose Holmer

Asra Rán Björt

Ayu Arista Murti


Baltasar Samper 

Barbara Fish​

Barbara Herzfeld

Barbara Masterson

Bärbel Thiel

Basha Ruth Nelson

Bert Rechtschaffer

Beth Barry​

Beth Haber

Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Bobby Jacobs

Brandur Patursson

Brian Sheridan

Bridget Pavalow

Byron Keith Byrd


Carla Goldberg

Carla Rae Johnson

Carol Flaitz

Carol Oster​

Carol Radsprecher

Carol Schwartz

Carole Bonicelli

Carolyn Oberst

Cassandra Jennings Hall

Catherine Schmitt

Catherine Vanaria 

Cathey Billian

Cathy O'Keefe

Cathy O'Keefe Jarcho    

Ceci Cole McInturff​

Cedric van Eenoo

Charles Daviet

Chema Chino

Chia-Hui Luo  羅嘉惠

Chris Farrell

Christina Saj​

Chuck von Schmidt 

Cindy Sacks

Clara Joris

Connie Freid

Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Crystal Marshall


Dale Leifeste

Daniel Kabakoff

David Skora

Deborah Loeb Bohren

Diane Churchill

Donald Schwartz

Doreen Pagano Halsall

Douglas Newton

Douglass Ridgeway

Dustan Osborn


Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Weitzman

Elaine Forrest

Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor Wong

Elisa Pritzker

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Elizabeth Digiorgio

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta​

Ellen Pliskin

Ellen W Kaplan

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D.


Frank Kara

Frank Matheis

Fred Levine


Gail Winbury

George-Ann Gowan

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene


Hannah Rosenstein

Harriet Forman Barrett


Heidi Lewis Coleman

Hilda Green Demsky

Hildreth Potts

Howard Goodman


Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz

Ilse Schreiber-Noll

Inka Juslin

Irene Osborn


Jackie Merritt

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Jane Dell​

Janet Rutkowski

제뉴어리 조 윤 - January Yoon Cho

Jean O'Neill

Jeanette Rodriguez

Jenna Lash​

Jennifer Cadoff

Jennifer H. Pien

Jennifer Moné Hill

Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz

Jeremy K. Bullis

Jessica Rechtschaffer

Jill Parry

Joan Blazis Levitt

Jo-Ann Brody

John Armstrong

John Gibson

Joy Brown

Joyce Pommer

Judith Wyer

Judy Lyons Schneider    

Juliet Martin


Karen B Allen

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen LaFleur

Karen Starrett

Kate Thomas

Kathleen Goldberg

Kathleen Migliore Newton​

Kazaan Viveiros

Kenneth Sean Golden

Ker Berdimurat Beckley 

Khadija Zizi, PhD

Kit Callahan

Kris Lee

Kristjana Samper

Krisztina Asztalos

Kyra Hazou​


L. Brandon Krall

Larry Dell

LaThoriel Badenhausen

Laura Cannamela

Laurie Sheridan

Lena Mösko

Leonie Castelino

Leslie Connito

Leslie Hardie

Leslie Pelino

Linda Filley

Linda Greenhouse

Linda Kuehne

Linda Stillman​

Lisa Breznak

Lisa D'Amico, PhD

Lisa Fuge

Lisa K Rosenstein

Lise Prown

Lois Sylvia Bender

Luz Castaneda​

Lynette Charters​


Mansheng Wang

Marcy B. Freedman

Margarita Nuller

Maria Morabito

Marieken Cochius

Marilyn Richeda

Marjie Zelman​

Marlene Siff  

Marlow Shami 

Mary McFerran

Maureen Burns-Bowie

Maya Matheis

Maya Rau Murthy

Mei Wang / 王槑

Melinda Green Tepler

Michael Abene

Michael Gellatly

Micheline Klagsbrun

Michelle Cooke

Mimi Czajka Graminski

Mireya Samper

Miriam Stern

Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Visoky

Miyuki Kido 城戸みゆき

Moira Trachtenberg​

Monique Allain

Monroe Hodder

Letter D


Dale Leifeste


Dale Leifeste portrait
photo by Dale Leifeste
photo by Dale Leifeste

My approach to photography is about discovering the unexpected details revealed through close observation, finding points of view that reveal new meanings in a subject, and seeing the magic in accidental juxtapositions of light and shadow.


I am drawn to the details of shape, line and color, rather than to particular objects. I most often find this in the built environment; the city rather than the countryside, the garden rather than the woods. I call this approach urban abstraction. Even in nature I usually find myself drawn to the details rather than the grand expanse.


Dale Leifeste

Daniel Kabakoff


Daniel Kabakoff.jpg
watercolor of street scene by Daniel Kabakoff
White Plains Tulips by Daniel Kabakoff

Currently, I am painting at home. I have exhibited at various venues in Westchester County including the Woman Clubs of White Plains and Dobbs Ferry. I also have been accepted to many juried exhibits. I am currently a member of the New Rochelle Artist Association and have exhibited with them this past year.

I illustrated two books with a friend Alizah Teitelbaum who wrote the stories. The books are now on Amazon and Amazon Kindle as paperbacks and digital downloads. The titles of the two books are “The Taming of Wolf" and “The Cosmos Song!”.

Instagram: dankab777

Daniel Kabakoff

David Skora

Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design

David Skora
Free-Flight by David Skora
detail of Free-Flight by David Skora

I grew up in South Western Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan where I was influenced by the woods, the fields and the beauty of Lake Michigan. Growing up in that environment, shaped the way I perceived the world and allowed me to develop my interest in art and creativity. I received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in 1989. In 1991 I accepted a teaching position at the University of New Haven and taught there while I pursued my fine art career. By the late 1990's I took it upon myself to learn how to weld. Once I accomplished that, I began to make large metal fabricated sculptures. Currently, I continue to teach as a full-time Professor of Graphic Design at Western Connecticut State University and I paint, sculpt, and design. I live with my family in Litchfield county in the beautiful Northwest Hills of Connecticut. My artwork has been shown extensively and can be found in many public and private collections throughout the United States.


David Skora

Deborah Loeb Bohren


©BOHREN2021 photo of Deborah Loeb Bohren
©BOHREN2021 South Beach Meets Paris
©BOHREN2021 Circular Reverie

Using my camera as my paintbrush, I create representational and abstract images that reveal the essence and soul of the places and things I see as I travel around the globe. My work is a visual alchemy that uses intentional camera movement and in-camera multiple exposures extensively. Layering image upon image, feeling color, light and line, my images reflect what has been, what is, what will - or can - be and represent a unique moment in time, space and mind. 


Deborah Loeb Bohren

Diane Churchill

Acrylic Pigment and Mixed Media Including Charcoal, Pastel, Mica and Gold Leaf on Canvas or Paper

Diane Churchill 2020.jpg
Page 2, Pages From A Lost Book by Diane Churchill
New Orange by Diane Churchill

My painting has always been about color. I try to harness the power of color and color interaction. In recent years I have moved from abstracted landscapes to fully abstract works. However, all my work references nature, whether the movement of water or wind, the heat of the sun, the mysteries of sky or land. Abstraction does not mean absence of form.
I have a particular interest in gold, as pigment and as a symbol for that which is bright and of value. I am working on a series called "Pages From A Lost Book" which can be viewed on my web site.

Websites:,, studio-views

Instagram: art88tk

Diane Churchill

Doreen Pagano Halsall

Paper Artist, Watercolor, Printmaking, Encaustic, Photography

photo of Doreen Pagano Halsall
Encaustic Eco Print by Doreen Pagano Halsall
Encaustic Eco Print by Doreen Pagano Halsall
Encaustic Eco Print by Doreen Pagano Halsall

Working primarily on paper I create images of the natural world through watercolor, prints and encaustic. I am mainly interested in natural forms that are affected by the cycle of the changing seasons. My art conveys the emotional impact and grace contained in a small glimpse of the natural world at its best. We need to recognize that we must work with nature and not against it. 

Instagram: doreenhalsall 

Doreen Pagano Halsall

Douglas Newton

Oil on Canvas

Douglas Newton at easel
Double Cherries by Douglas Newton
Blue Glasses and Butterscotch by Douglas Newton

I work mostly in contemporary still life, painting in oil paint on canvas. I like to explore light on everything from household objects to food, candy, toys or anything else that visually intrigues me. I paint directly from life, not using photographs. The main subject is light itself, as it reveals texture, structure, translucency and color. Subjects include glass, marble, feathers, ribbons and tissue paper, all ways to explore the effects of light on the things around us.


Instagram: dnewton456

Douglas Newton

Douglass Ridgeway

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

Douglass Ridgeway
WTC Thirds by Douglass Ridgeway
Bronx Street at Night by Douglass Ridgeway

Each month Douglass creates the video montage for the Hammond's virtual exhibitions. He is also the technical guru/mastermind controlling all the behind the scenes telecommunications that make the live monthly artists' receptions possible. He is thrilled to be Hammond Museum's webmaster and to sponsor the Artist's Directory page. Douglass is an avid photographer and sometimes poet.

Douglass Ridgeway is the head of the web design firm, RAW Design Lab. He has more than 15 years of web and graphic design experience. Douglass has a master's degree in communication design from Pratt Institute, NYC.​


Instagram: douglassridgeway

Bēhance: DouglassRidgeway

Douglass Ridgeway

Dustan Osborn


Dustan Osborn self portrait.jpg
Children Along the Lemro by Dustan Osborn
Piscator of the Cowlitz by Dustan Osborn
Carnival at Cafe Florian by Dustan Osborn

As a practicing medical oncologist, an ongoing challenge is to make patients feel more comfortable in an environment that is often intimidating.  Fear, uncertainty and a sense of loss of control of one’s life are universal for someone dealing with cancer.  Attempting to create a more humane environment, I use photographs displayed in the clinic and hospital where I practice to engage both patient and family in a way to put them at ease, to be more comfortable opening up about any number to topics, and to soften the anxiety of the white coat syndrome.  A combination of images of people, places and things are used to engage the viewer.  If someone looks at a picture for more than seven seconds, probably it is a success.  How many times have you watched viewers in a museum barely break stride?  To actually stop and look says something.  For me, compelling reasons to look include mystery, irony and simplicity.  There is so much around us that can be enjoyed by engaging the mind as well as the eye: a child at play, a broken cup, shadows on grape leaves, a precarious stack of old books.  I try to portray the familiar with enough nuisance and subtlety that the viewer stops, looks, thinks of something of their past or says, “yes, life is worth living.” 

Instagram: dustanosborn

Flickr: Dustan Osborn

Dustan Osborn


Eileen Hoffman

Sculpture, Installation, Mixed Media, Textiles

EIleen Hoffman Portrait
The Stories Remain by Eileen Hoffman
She Had Something to Say by Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Hoffman is a textile sculptor and installation artist whose use of non-traditional materials acts as a bridge between past traditions and contemporary approaches. Her art involves making the undervalued and unseen culture of women's work visible. 

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout the United States and internationally including the Denise Bibro Gallery, The Morris Museum, the Noyes Museum, and the Bishkek Collection, Russia. Her outdoor installations include the Connective Project Installation, Art In Odd Places and Prayers for the Pandemic; Prayers for Progress. Her work is also featured in Surface Design Journal’s annual International Exhibition in Print, 2018, UPPERCASE Magazine, and numerous blogs. Hoffman currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Instagram: eileen.hoffman

Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Weitzman

Sculpture, Works on Paper, Painting

Occupied Territories by Eileen Weitzman
Fly Me to the Moon by Eileen Weitzman

I create sculptures, stitched paintings and drawings which are abstract and figurative, engineered and organic, while exploring contemporary issues of global concern with a smattering of psychological insight. The serious issues they tackle such as feminism, racism, and capitalism are humorously contrasted with fabric and paint made of lively colors, patterns and textures. Recently I find myself making my sculptural pieces flatter and my flat pieces more sculptural. Open and dynamic, hanging from the ceiling and walls, in addition to occupying the floor, my animated pieces uses their strong bodily references to assert their presence and power in this world.


Instagram: eileenweitzmanartist

Eileen Weitzman

Elaine Forrest

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Collage

Elaine Forrest headshot.jpg
Bow Ties an oil painting by Elaine Forrest
Hermes Orange an oil painting by Elaine Forrest

Having lived in California for many years I bring to my work the bright light and luminous colors of the California sun. Everyday objects and materials that have had another life inspire me. I am influenced by what I see and use every day.

I received a BFA from Boston University and a degree in Medical Illustration from Harvard Medical School.

While living in California I was active in the Los Angeles County Art Rental Gallery, exhibited often and was active with the Venice Family Clinic. I now reside and have my studio in the Financial District of Manhattan. I am a member of the NohoM55 Gallery and the New York Artists Circle.

Websites:, nohogallery,

Instagram: elaineforrest100

Elaine Forrest

Eleanor Goldstein

Watercolor, Pastel, Oil, Monoprints, Solar Etching, Mixed Media, Sculpture 

REQUIEM a Watercolor by Eleanor Goldstein
Night Shadows XV an oil painting by Eleanor Goldstein

My work encompasses an enormous range of subjects drawn from striking industrial landscapes and transcendent forms of nature. I am interested in the cyclical relationship of decay and rejuvenation in all my surroundings.

My current series, Requiem/Night Shadows, stems from my recent travels to Greenland. The works have an elegiac quality which evokes the tragic loss of these icescapes due to climate change.

Eleanor Goldstein is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, the Upstream Gallery in Hastings, NY, a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, and a member of the New York Artists Circle.


Instagram: eleanorgoldsteinart

Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor Wong

Ink & Watercolor

Eleanor Wong
a painting by Eleanor Wong

Eleanor Wong is an aspiring artist who enjoys drawing and painting nature.

Eleanor Wong

Elisa Pritzker

2D, 3D, Installations

Elisa Pritzker portrait by Warren Cosgrove
Patagonia Shaman (2) by Elisa Pritzker
Interbeing Altarpiece by Elisa Pritzker

Artist’s Portrait by Warren Cosgrove.

Elisa Pritzker exhibited at MoMA, Queens Museum, Dorsky Museum, Skirball Museum, Espronceda Barcelona, K-Salon Berlin, in large and small group exhibits.

Among solo exhibits, her art was shown at HVMOCA [formerly HVCCA Museum], Hammond Museum, Saletta Kinzica Art Gallery-Italy, Casa Argentina-Jerusalem, Galeria ArtexArte/Luz & Alfonso Castillo Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Her art is in permanent collections including Jean Cherqui Art Collection, Paris, France/New York; Brooklyn Art Library; Dorsky Museum; Hammond Museum; Jerusalem Biennale; Iceland Art Biennale.

Pritzker was featured at PBS Channel, CNN-in Spanish, Huffpost [Huffington Post], Chronogram Magazine, Hyperallergic and her "Eclectica Store" was showcased in the New York Times.


Instagram: elisapritzker

In Other Words essay: The Mysterious Metaphysical Art of Elisa Pritzker

Elisa Pritzker

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Oils, Watercolor, Mixed Media including Collage, Found Wood, Cast Bronze

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs headshot
Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs - Omphalus.jpg
Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs - Shelter in Place

“Nature always wears the color of the spirit.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The abiding interplay of nature and the human body informs my art. Tree limbs appear as arms and legs; the internal workings of the body fuse with the terrain in a continual flow of imagery. Negative space offers guidance while all of life’s colors, contours and transitions become interchangeable with my own. 


Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta

Acrylics and Oils

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta
painting of rain on water by Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta
painting of bridge by Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta

Elizabeth is a third generation artist whose family history includes award-winning kimono design, Japanese ceramics, classic wooden yacht design, culinary arts, photography, painting, writing, and poetry.

Elizabeth paints landscapes in her studio and en plein air. Studies made outdoors inform subtle departures from reality in her studio work. With a dichotomous take on landscapes, the soothing powers of nature are expressed with smooth, flowing strokes of the brush. Cityscapes, in conveying the sensations of urban grit, noise, smells and energy, are painted into solvent-damaged, dripped, sprayed and slashed substrates. Two types of landscape; two types of treatment. 



Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta

Ellen Pliskin


Ellen Pliskin's Portrait.JPG
Jarvis Field by Ellen Pliskin
Chilcombe Hill by Ellen Pliskin

Ellen Pliskin’s landscapes reflect the luminous colors in land and sky, dramatizing their appearance by simplifying forms and emphasizing the relationship between light and shadow. As part of the United States Department of State’s “Art In Embassies Program”, her works have been exhibited in six United States Embassies. Her works are currently on view at the United States Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei and Ouagadougou, Burkino-Faso. Her paintings are in the collections of Pfizer, The Federal Reserve Board, The University of New Mexico, The United States Department of State and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Instagram: ellenpliskin

Ellen Pliskin

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Painting, Oil Colors, Oxidations, Photography

Erla Thorarinsdottir portrait.jpg
The continents are seven a painting by Erla Thorarinsdottir
detail of The continents are seven by Erla Thorarinsdottir

Erla Thórarinsdottir is born in Reykjavik. She grew up in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. She studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam. Erla works with space, time and processes where memory, human context and scale is integrated. Within her paintings she has used sheets of silver, building light sensitive bodies and structures which exposed to light and time and whatever is in the air, oxidize and transmute according to circumstances on site. In her art the archaic is present, so is congeniality, and there is a need to communicate contemporaneously to the west and the east. Her practice incorporates painting, meditation, photography, textile design, stone works and installations. 
She has worked and exhibited in Scandinavia, North Europe, USA, China and India.


In Other Words essay: Erla Thórarinsdottir’s Majestic Forms of Endlessness

Erla Thorarinsdottir

Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D.


Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D..jpg
GSRF Logo Merle.jpg
IWPR logo.jpg

Esmeralda O. Lyn is the C.V. Starr Distinguished Professor Emerita of Finance and International Financial Services at Hofstra University. She has published numerous articles in national and international finance and business journals.  She is a world traveler, an art and culinary enthusiast and an active advocate for women and the marginalized. She writes essays and reviews on different topics of interest. Dr. Lyn is a Co-Founding Director of Global ShareResource Foundation in NY and is currently on the Board of The Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the premier think tank on women’s issues.


Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D.
Muse January_2021.jpg


Frank Matheis

Writer. Photographer. Producer.

Frank Matheis
American Roots Music featuring Frank Matheis
Sweet Bitter Blues by Phil Wiggins & Frank Matheis

Contributing writer to the Hammond Museum, Frank Matheis, is a music, visual arts and culture writer and photographer. His latest project was the book ‘Sweet Bitter Blues’ co-written with National Heritage Fellow Phil Wiggins (University Press of Mississippi,2020). His Hammond Museum column ‘In Other Words’ features member artists in all disciplines. He is also a contributing writer to ArtsWestchester, Living Blues magazine (Center for Southern Culture Studies) and Frank was formerly an award-winning radio and music producer and he has curated photo exhibitions.

‘In Other Words’@ Hammond Museum:
ArtsWestchester concert column:
Acoustic Roots & Blues articles and podcasts:
Django Reinhardt radio documentary:
The book:

Frank Matheis

Fred Levine

Poetry Films

still from FORM WITHOUT MATTER and other songs by Fred Levine

This project includes 9 poems which I wrote, and for which I composed and recorded musical accompaniment; the spoken readings are by my wife, Penelope Levine. I edited archival film footage to accompany the readings and music.  While I did not come from a place of intentional, explicit thematic unity, I think and hope that these works communicate a trajectory toward transcendence and ultimate reality; this should be especially clear when they are experienced in the order in which they appear in the project.  The poems are central; the music and film make them manifest.

Vimeo: FORM WITHOUT MATTER and other songs

Fred Levine


Gail Winbury

Oil Painting and Collage

Gail Winbury.jpg

International artist, Gail Winbury’s paintings and collages have been in galleries and museums in the States, Italy, Germany and Mexico. With over eight solo exhibitions, her art is shown in Manhattan, NY, Massachusetts, Santa Fe, NM, Pittsburgh, Pa, Luneburg, Germany, Materia Italy, among elsewhere. She has several visual art residencies including The School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY Bau Foundation in, Italy, and in Arad Israel. Winbury’s art is owned and in collections in the States, Germany, Italy, London, UK and Greece. She studied painting for 15 years with Dorothy Yung and at the School of Visual Arts.

Website: gwinburypainting 

Instagram: gwinburystudio

Gail Winbury

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene

Watercolor, Gouache, Pen and Ink, Pastel, Oil and Acrylic

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene headshot.jpg
Early Morning Rain on Ray Lake by Gretchen Hoffmann Abene
barns at olana by Gretchen Hoffmann Abene

Watercolor was my first medium of study in the classes offered for young people at the Cincinnati Art Museum and it has remained so.   Gouache, Pen and Ink, Pastel, Oil and Acrylic are other mediums that I choose. Find my work on Facebook as Gretchen Hoffmann Abene, Instagram as hoffmannabene.

Instagram: hoffmannabene

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene
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