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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden Founding Artist Members Directory

Listed alphabetically by first name

Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales


Adam Grabois


Aki Kano

Alice Harrison​

Allan Cyprys​

Amitabh Shrivastav   
Amy R Farrell

Amy Zhang

Andrea Bonfils

Andrew Zelman

Ann Mallory

Ann Tetelman

Anna Rose Holmer

Asra Rán Björt

Ayu Arista Murti


Baltasar Samper 

Barbara Fish

Barbara Herzfeld

Barbara Masterson

Bärbel Thiel

Basha Ruth Nelson

Bert Rechtschaffer

Beth Barry​

Beth Haber

Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Bobby Jacobs

Brandur Patursson

Brian Sheridan

Bridget Pavalow

Byron Keith Byrd


Carla Goldberg

Carla Rae Johnson

Carol Flaitz

Carol Oster​

Carol Radsprecher

Carol Schwartz

Carole Bonicelli

Carolyn Oberst

Cassandra Jennings Hall

Catherine Schmitt

Catherine Vanaria 

Cathey Billian

Cathy O'Keefe

Cathy O'Keefe Jarcho    

Ceci Cole McInturff​

Cedric van Eenoo

Charles Daviet

Chema Chino

Chia-Hui Luo  羅嘉惠

Chris Farrell

Christina Saj​

Chuck von Schmidt 

Cindy Sacks

Clara Joris

Connie Freid

Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Crystal Marshall


Dale Leifeste

Daniel Kabakoff

David Skora

Deborah Loeb Bohren

Diane Churchill

Donald Schwartz

Doreen Pagano Halsall

Douglas Newton

Douglass Ridgeway

Dustan Osborn


Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Weitzman

Elaine Forrest

Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor Wong

Elisa Pritzker

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Elizabeth Digiorgio

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta​

Ellen Pliskin

Ellen W Kaplan

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Esmeralda Ortiz-Luis Lyn, Ph.D.


Frank Kara

Frank Matheis

Fred Levine


Gail Winbury

George-Ann Gowan

Gretchen Hoffmann Abene


Hannah Rosenstein

Harriet Forman Barrett


Heidi Lewis Coleman​

Hilda Green Demsky

Hildreth Potts

Howard Goodman


Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz

Ilse Schreiber-Noll

Inka Juslin

Irene Osborn


Jackie Merritt

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Jane Dell​

Janet Rutkowski

제뉴어리 조 윤 - January Yoon Cho

Jean O'Neill

Jeanette Rodriguez

Jenna Lash​

Jennifer Cadoff

Jennifer H. Pien​

Jennifer Moné Hill

Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz

Jeremy K. Bullis

Jessica Rechtschaffer

Jill Parry

Joan Blazis Levitt

Jo-Ann Brody

John Armstrong    

John Gibson

Joy Brown

Joyce Pommer

Judith Wyer

Judy Lyons Schneider    

Juliet Martin


Karen B Allen

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen LaFleur

Karen Starrett

Kate Thomas

Kathleen Goldberg

Kathleen Migliore Newton​

Kazaan Viveiros

Kenneth Sean Golden

Ker Berdimurat Beckley 

Khadija Zizi, PhD

Kit Callahan

Kris Lee

Kristjana Samper

Krisztina Asztalos

Kyra Hazou​


L. Brandon Krall

Larry Dell

LaThoriel Badenhausen

Laura Cannamela

Laurie Sheridan

Lena Mösko

Leonie Castelino

Leslie Connito

Leslie Hardie

Leslie Pelino

Linda Filley

Linda Greenhouse

Linda Kuehne

Linda Stillman​

Lisa Breznak

Lisa D'Amico, PhD

Lisa Fuge

Lisa K Rosenstein

Lise Prown

Lois Sylvia Bender

Luz Castaneda​

Lynette Charters​


Mansheng Wang

Marcy B. Freedman

Margarita Nuller

Maria Morabito

Marieken Cochius

Marilyn Richeda

Marjie Zelman​

Marlene Siff  

Marlow Shami 

Mary McFerran

Maureen Burns-Bowie

Maya Matheis

Maya Rau Murthy

Mei Wang / 王槑

Melinda Green Tepler

Michael Abene

Michael Gellatly

Micheline Klagsbrun

Michelle Cooke

Mimi Czajka Graminski

Mireya Samper

Miriam Stern

Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Visoky

Miyuki Kido 城戸みゆき

Moira Trachtenberg​

Monique Allain

Monroe Hodder



Adam Grabois


Adam Grabois photo
Adam Grabois & Margarita Nuller
Adam Grabois

Adam Grabois has a varied career as chamber musician, soloist, teacher and recording artist and is the founder of the record label, Reflex Editions, about whose first recording the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote, “Sometimes, the way he plays with the sound of a single note has enough emotional sustenance in it to launch a half-dozen distinct feelings in quick succession.” A second disc with violinist, Deborah Wong, DUOS: Martinu, Ravel, Kodaly, was subsequently released to critical acclaim. Adam Grabois is the cellist of the New York Chamber Soloists with whom he has appeared at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Morgan Library, the National Gallery, the Getty Center, the Kravis Center and colleges and universities nationwide. He has collaborated with Menahem Pressler, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rachel Barton Pine, and many others. Adam Grabois was educated at Swarthmore College and studied with David Finckel. He has a long association with Kinhaven Music School in Vermont, where he performs and teaches cello and chamber music. He is the director of the newly-created Kinhaven Young Artist Seminar and he previously served as president of the school’s board of directors. He has been on the faculty of the Weston Music Center in Connecticut since 2004. His cello was made by Samuel Zygmuntowicz in Brooklyn, NY (1998) and his bows were made by Ole Kanestrøm (2004 and 2008). 

YouTube: Adam Grabois

Adam Grabois


Painting, Acrylic, Resin, Wire on Wood Panel, Canvas, Murals

artwork by AISLA ISLAVA

Born in London, Aisla's artwork has been featured at National Trust Sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Paris, London, Boston, San Francisco and New York City. Aisla was raised in the American Southwest, in a city with the natural border of the Rio Grande which has a varied and rich cultural history. Aisla has participated in individual and community mural projects throughout the United States. Her music, art and jewelry creations have been featured at the DeYoung, SF MOMA, and SOMArts Galleries, as well as public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Aisla's artistic creations illustrate the alchemy of science, engineering, nature, culture, language, music, literature and the expressive arts.



Aki Kano


Aki Kano Headshot.jpg
Fumiko, a Watercolor by Aki Kano.jpg
Starling a Watercolor by Aki Kano.JPG

After many years working in the fashion industry, Aki has explored new mediums of expression, namely watercolors.  She has found the painstaking and detailed method of layering one wash over another to carefully paint her subjects directly connects to her cultural background. Aki's aunt and uncle in Japan were artists and calligraphers. As she looks at their work, she realizes that she inherited her meticulous and sensitive approach from them. Even though Aki was born in New York and has lived in the US most of her life, she feels a strong connection to her Japanese heritage.


Instagram: akikanonyc

Aki Kano

Alice Harrison

Mixed Media

photo of Alice Harrison
Hill and Dale by Alice Harrison
Gathering Together 2A by Alice Harrison

Working in layers, technically, intellectually and spiritually I create images and sensations of movement, color, harmony and joy. Much of my work is inspired by the various materials I have collected, as well as by traditional materials in my studio.

My work encompasses a variety of mediums – oil, acrylic, water, prints, found papers and objects, image transfer and encaustic. In each artwork there may be one medium, two or many media combined in one piece. Inspiration comes from the inside – based on my personal distillation of the external world.


Instagram: alice_blum_harrison

Alice Harrison

Allan Cyprys

Collage, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Facade - Reflections by Allan Cyprys
CITY LIGHTS by Allan Cyprys

The Asian culture has always fascinated me. My philosophy of “less is more”, has guided me in the kind of artwork that I create. In 2009, I received a NYS Council on the Arts grant from ArtsWestchester for my project, “Westchester’s Fantasy Landscape in the Year 2059”. The subject was my concerns of maintaining a balance between conservation and development that will sustain the county into the future.

I’m also intrigued with buildings that are created by combining traditional materials (metal, glass, stone, brick, etc.) with the new, (plants, recycled materials and lighting.) Wanting to capture some of these unique visual properties I began to alter and intensify the image’s color while using Photoshop. This enables me to use a more intense color palette. I work in an intuitive way. One step leads to another until the whole image comes into focus. I find the process magical.


Allan Cyprys

Amy R Farrell

Printmaking / Mixed Media

Amy R Farrell self portrait.jpg
heron by Amy R Farrell
clouds by Amy R Farrell

My Art making is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. The vistas, flora and fauna are frequent subjects of my prints and paintings. The challenge, complexity and hands on involvement of the creative process bring me comfort and joy. It is the deep respect I feel for our fragile environment that I wish to share and encourage in others.


Amy R Farrell

Asra Rán Björt

Poet, Writer & Graphic Designer

Asra Rán Björt
Love Letter by Asra Rán Björt
Highres by Asra Rán Björt

Asra grew up in Iceland. She moved to Tokyo to study Japanese Literature and Art History where she currently works as a graphic designer with a Japanese company. Her independent work is writing, through which she aspires to explore and reevaluate human behavior, and the various vast surroundings around us.

Instagram: asraran

Asra Rán Björt

Ayu Arista Murti

Visual, Installation, Collective Artist

Photo of Artist Ayu Arista Murti
Ayu Arista Murti's Tears in Heaven 2020
Ayu Arista Murti's Saint Grandma 2020

Ayu Arista Murti is a cofounder of Collective Tactic Plastic and Galastica. She is a graduate Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia and has received numerous awards including the Bronze Award for UOB Painting of the Year, Indonesia. Ayu has exhibited extensively throughout Indonesia and Asia.

Bēhance: ayumurti 

Instagram: ayuaristamurti, tactic.plastic 

Ayu Arista Murti


Barbara Fish

Artist, Art Therapist

Head shot of Barbara Fish
Ambivalence by Barbara Fish
painting by Barbara Fish

Barbara Fish, PhD is an artist, art therapist, educator and author. Her work explores the use of response art made to contain, explore and express her experiences. She uses active imagination and dreamwork to investigate her images from which she creates narratives. Barbara has taught in art therapy programs for more than thirty years including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Adler School of Professional Psychology and the University of Illinois. She is the author of Art-based Supervision: Cultivating Therapeutic Insight Through Imagery, (Routledge, 2017). Barbara is the 2019 Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association, the association’s highest honor. She recently relocated from Chicago to San Diego, where she continues to practice art therapy supervision and teach distance teaching as adjunct faculty for Saint Mary of the Woods College.


Barbara Fish

Barbara Herzfeld

Acrylic, Watercolor, Charcoal

self portrait by Barbara Herzfeld
painting by Barbara Herzfeld
SUMO 8 by Barbara Herzfeld

I am a figurative artist working in watercolor, acrylic and charcoal. Bodies and the expression of my own body are central to my work which is inspired by photos...often vintage which I connect to emotionally or because they evoke a memory. I am represented by The Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea and have shown at Brandeis University, Harvard University, and several Brooklyn and Manhattan galleries. I have also shown in The Beacon Artists Union, The Garrison Art Center, and The Howland Cultural Center in Westchester. I was a finalist for a grant from The Massachusetts Council On The Arts. 


Instagram: beeherzfeld

Barbara Herzfeld

Barbara Masterson

Oil Paint on Canvas and Wolff Pencil on Illustration Board

Barbara Masterson photo by Bob Krasner
Renaissance by Barbara Masterson
VACANT by Barbara Masterson

Art is like a serum, transforming its audience for good or ill. As I paint, the play of light has taken my breath away.

Migrant workers came into view. They have transformed my vision.

Familiar shapes in fields and orchards, migrant workers toil in the Hudson Valley doing jobs most Americans won't, earning modest wages, sometimes risking deportation.

Hard at work, they summon our attention and invite us to come closer, to see their labor and their humanity.

Who are they? Can you see them?

It’s possible for society to confer invisibility on a group. It’s convenient; if the group is invisible, we relieve ourselves of concern about health care, working conditions, pesticides, housing, lack of ability to get their own food.

What is life like for them? What role do we play in keeping them unseen? My work can expand our perceptions of these workers. If only by their images in my paintings, the viewer will come to see these persons for the vital role they have in our lives.


Barbara Masterson
Bärbel Thiel

Bärbel Thiel

Drawing, Etching, Woodcut, Silkscreen, Spraying, Collage

Bärbel Thiel.jpg
Raven dispute by Bärbel Thiel
a painting by Bärbel Thiel

Growing up in and with nature shaped me as a person and an artist. Nature gives me power and inspiration. I’ve always drawn as long as I can remember. I try to tell stories. My favorite subjects are animals, especially birds. My preferred techniques are drawing, etching, woodcut, spraying, and silkscreen. All of these techniques are also combined in my collages.

Instagram: baerbeltberlin

Basha Ruth Nelson

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Installations, Commissions

Basha Ruth Nelson portrait
Bridge by Basha Ruth Nelson
Wave by Basha Ruth Nelson

My work is intuitive. Whether sculpture, construction or installation, the hallmark is the creation of unity between form and space in which my pieces live. My sculptures, constructions in paper, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, engage the viewer through surface and scale, looking at ordinary materials in a new way. Currently, I create interactive installations and performances as part of my ongoing Freedom Project.

I received my Master of Arts Degree from New York University (NYU). Public and private collections include: Riverfront Green Park, Peekskill, NY; Hammond Museum; Woodstock Artists Association and Museum; Brooklyn Art Library; US Embassy, Nassau, Bahamas; among others.

Instagram: basharuthnelson

Basha Ruth Nelson

Beth Barry

 Acrylic Paints

Beth Barry_Portrait.jpg
Beth Barry's painting Camouflage 2020
Beth Barry's painting Filtered Light 2018

When I first flew in an airplane, I was struck by the color and shapes created by the light from the sun. It influenced everything, infusing the palette of the landscape with what felt like a supernatural light. As the plane moved, the images moved too, bouncing and swaying in their own rhythmic way. This was exciting to me and has informed my artwork. Light, color, and movement are basic elements of my paintings. My work has also been influenced by the coastline of Massachusetts and the beauty of the beach. My paintings are places of happiness.

Instagram: bethbarryartist

Beth Barry

Beth Haber

Mixed Media, Assemblage on Mylar and Landscape Installations

Beth Haber-Al Nowak-The Ship.jpeg
Beth Haber-Al Nowak Loomings.jpeg

I have a persistent interest in the co-tenancy of text and image in its multiple conveyances as scroll, book, screen or “reading” the natural world. As language itself migrates from the analog to the digital, I look to reconcile the earlier meanings with the present tense where attachment still signifies human connection and space remains open between imagination and description.


Beth Haber
Bibiana Huang Matheis

Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Artist. Curator. Photographer. Pianist.

Bibiana Huang Matheis photo.jpg
artwork by Bibiana Huang Matheis
17-Heart@Mississipp by Bibiana Huang Matheis

Bibiana is a board member of the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden. She is the originator and curator of the Virtual Exhibit and a frequent curator for the Hammond Museum. She has curated more than 60 major exhibitions over the last decade for art institutions and galleries in the Hudson Valley of New York. Her own work has been displayed in galleries in the US and Europe, including in permanent collections, such as in the National Museum of African American History and Culture – Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Her photography has been published in major magazines. Her current long-term project is the installation art “Heart@Heart” – Putting love in public spaces, by visualizing the international symbol for heart, using natural or recycled materials found in that locality. The symbolism of the Heart universally expresses love. The Heart is individually interpretative, but it cuts across all cultural, ethnic, religious and social separation. It is a symbol of love and unity. Her effort is to put love into everything she does, in every project, including the Virtual Exhibition of the Hammond.


Instagram: bibimimimondaymemo

Bobby Jacobs


photo of Bobby Jacobs
natural burl table by Bobby Jacobs
Vincent by Bobby Jacobs

Bobby Jacobs is a contemporary sculptor with a passion for creating large-scale work in metal, stone, found wood and hand-forged bronze. He is currently working with Hammond on a large-scale, fossilized bluestone angel wing installation for their sculpture garden. Bobby is best known for his Angel Wing and Burl sculptures, which reside in both private and public collections, including Dell Children’s Hospital, in Austin, TX and the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden.

During an extended hiatus from making art, Bobby was a top television executive, serial entrepreneur and COO and co-owner of Chicken Soup for the Soul, one of the World’s most popular non-fiction book series in history.


Bobby Jacobs

Brian Sheridan

Acrylic, Charcoal, Clay, Digital, Found Objects, Graphite, Oil, Pastel, Photography,  Prints, Watercolor, Wood

Brian Sheridan headshot.jpg
Skeletal Impulse #1 by Brian Sheridan
Skeletal Impulse #2 by Brian Sheridan

I live and breath in a realm where the ephemeral dance with rigid bodies to the whim of chance, exposing conflicted harmonies and circumstance.


Instagram: brian_sheridan

Brian Sheridan

Bridget Pavalow

Digital Artwork

Bridget Pavalow photo.jpg
Bridget Pavalow artwork.jpg
Bridget Pavalow artwork.jpg

Bridget Pavalow is a Fashion Institute of Technology Alum with five years of freelancing. Past projects include being a character designer for a comic and a caricature artist for various clients. Her work explores diverse characters in fantastical worlds.


Instagram: bridgetpavalow

Bridget Pavalow

Byron Keith Byrd


Byron Keith Byrd @ NYC show
I Heart NY by Byron Keith Byrd
CENTERSTAGE by Byron Keith Byrd

My inspiration is derived from numerology, archaic symbols, and rhythmic, primitive petroglyphs. While I may be considered an abstract expressionist, my goal is to create work that transpires any given time-frame.
Some of my canvases may conjure elements of prehistoric cave markings while others hopefully transport ones thoughts or emotions into a world yet comprehended.


Byron Keith Byrd
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