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Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales

Dark Abstract



Karen B Allen

Oil, Acrylics, Pastels and Mixed Media Paintings

Esse by Karen B Allen
Vernal Mystery by Karen B Allen

My paintings are figurative abstractions. I am looking to preserve the initial figurative trigger that inspired the work and to visually refine an essence of the feeling or “inner tug” that led me to that image. For me, creating art is a contemplative process as well as a physical action. Underlying is what I call my “second truth”. That is, the positive and regenerative life force that resides in the universe we inhabit. I  believe the act of creation by artists has something to do with our deepest calling to be whole.

Website: karenallenartist.com

Instagram: karen.allen.artist


Karen Fitzgerald

Painter (Oil Paint, Precious Metals and Venetian Plaster)

This Ocean Of Light by Karen Fitzgerald

Roundness is indispensable to my visual thinking. Energies within our physical world are interconnected; I make them visible through references to the natural world. The restless shifting of light and energy embodies that which carries us to the delineation, and unification between matter and spirit. 

Website: fitzgeraldart.com

Instagram: kbfitzgeraldartsplicedconnector


Karen LaFleur

Digital Artist, Writer and Animator

Karen LaFleur"s Sprung Spring

Karen LaFleur is a digital artist, writer and animator. Her artwork explores the interplay between interior and exterior worlds with a focus on adaptability. By combining surface beauty with the artwork’s inner voice, she reveals vulnerability in complex structures and highlights the resiliency of the human heart to survive within these ever-shifting landscapes. She began her career as a fine artist, storyteller and observer of human nature. Since 1981 she has used the computer to channel these common interests into an all-inclusive medium and she remains an avid user of digital art technology today. Her artwork borrows across genres merging elements of fine art expression, the graphic novel’s dramatic layout perspectives, micro-fiction’s consolidation of emotion, and the freedom of improvisational dance movement. The result is a visual art that gives the viewer access to the artwork's inner world.

Website: lafleurartworks.com

Instagram: lafleurartworks


Karen Starrett

Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media

painting by Karen Starrett

I stand before the canvas with no plan or knowledge of what I’m going to paint. I start drawing random lines-horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curvy, zigzag, wipe parts of them away, redrawing and wiping again and again. Different linear elements clash and struggle to be together - to make sense together. This process continues until the lines create forms that connect to a feeling or resonate with an experience I recognize. In making these random gestures, a silent conversation begins with the canvas, a conversation that continues throughout the painting’s creation; a conversation that is a give and take. This conversation is important to what I paint. The paintings mirror what I’m feeling even when I'm not sure of what I am feeling. I seek a connection between the invisible feelings and the external imagery. When the synthesis is achieved, the conversation is over until a new conversation begins in another painting.

Website: karenstarrett.com

Instagram: karenstarrett_artist


Kathleen Migliore Newton

Painting and Drawing

Conversation CaFe by Kathleen Migliore Newton
I See You by Kathleen Migliore Newton

I draw and paint the human figure in the urban environment because I am passionate about New York City’s diversity. I observe how we maintain our privacy in public spaces or discover ways to connect. I work from photographs to capture the movement and gestures of an individual.

I have exhibited in one person shows and many group shows. Influenced by the feminist art movement to find my voice, I began doing mixed media art based on clothing. My pieces were shown at the Art Rental Gallery of the Los Angeles County Art Museum and The New Museum. I became enamored with the challenge of painting and the exterior world of the urban environment. The pace and dance of figures across the geometric landscape became my inspiration. One-person includes The Hudson Opera House, in Hudson, NY, Gallery 10 in Washington, DC, and The NuHotel in Brooklyn. Some of the group shows were at Denise Bibro Fine Arts, Hammond Museum, The Painting Center, CB Richard Ellis through New York Foundation for the Arts, Theresa Maloney Gallery at the College of St. Elizabeth, PS 122, and the Henry Street Settlement, Homework (a traveling exhibit organized by CAPS and several venues, curated by Harmony Hammond). I have also exhibited through the Art in the Embassies program in Djibouti, Africa and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Websites: urbanpaintings.comnyartistscircle.com       

Instagram: kmigliorenewton


Kazaan Viveiros

Acrylic Painting on Panel, Paper, and Canvas

Kazaan Viveiros's War Bonnet Wolf

Kazaan Viveiros earned a BA with distinction from the University of Virginia and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has since exhibited work in the U.S. and Europe,  including solo shows in New York, SanFrancisco, Berkeley, Scottsdale, AZ, Richmond, VA, Savannah, GA, and Rome, Italy.

Viveiros’s paintings have been collected by a wide array of corporations, including eBay and Capital One Bank, as well as by individuals such as novelist Danielle Steel. Five of Viveiros’s paintings were purchased by the Art in Embassies Program and are permanently installed in the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

She was a 2011 Bethesda Painting Awards semi-finalist, was twice chosen as a visiting artist in residence at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, and has also been an artist in residence at Weir Farm, Dorland Mountain ArtsColony, and the Virginia Center for Creative Arts.

Website: kazaan.com


Kenneth Sean Golden

Digital Printmaking & Archival Pigment Ink Jet Prints

Kenneth Sean Golden’s education and teaching have been based in photography and alternative processes. This allows him to meditate on his identity in the context of the larger world and other concerns. He takes on the challenge to explore how we can have these identities and co-exist in a community.

Website: westbeth.org 


Khadija Zizi, PhD

Acrylics and Mixed Media

Khadija Zizi is a Moroccan artist. Her cross cultural background, world travel, and love of music inspire her. Her approach is eclectic as she loves mixing acrylics with sand, fabrics, and yarn. She holds a Ph.D. in Education. She teaches English at ISIC, Rabat.

Website: khadijazizi.com 


Krisztina Asztalos

Painting on Canvas, Paper, Mixed Media, Acrylics, Ink, Watercolor

Waterfall by Krisztina Asztalos.jpg
Keyhole by Krisztina Asztalos.jpg

Krisztina Asztalos has been painting since 1989, graduated with honour as drawing and visual communication teacher (BA/BVA) specialized on painting in 2001. Her paintings have been exhibited in solo and international group shows in Europe, Asia, Africa, United States. 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space - most depicted elements of her artworks, inspired by eastern calligraphy, nature and human nature and urban life. Her large 2- 3 m long ink paintings ”Aqua” series are bringing the certain feeling of great dimensions. Urban series are depicting the multicolor vibration of metropolises with humour and a bit of sarcasm, personal responds for happenings of urban society. Each piece of element paintings are like a part of mosaic, depicting macro (earth- fire-air-water-space) and micro elements (human and urban life ). Her aim is to depict the fabulous diversity and profusion of our universe. Krisztina's artworks were chosen to be published internationally in 10 different artbooks. Krisztina's artworks are verified by Verisart.

Websites: dakini.hu

Blog: krisztinaasztalos.blogspot.com

Instagram: dakini.hu


Kyra Hazou

Mixed Media, Ink, Acrylic, Oil

My early artwork was primarily abstract based on colours that often appeared in nature. More recent artwork is still influenced by nature, often by the Alpine colours and scenes in France where I often paint. The goal is to convey a feeling of atmosphere rather than a realistic portrayal of a scene, and colour, always colour. I also have begun working in mixed media, often using rejected plastic found on beaches throughout the world sewn onto a painted canvas.

Website: kyrahazou.comsaatchiart.com

Cracked Glacier


L. Brandon Krall

Concept Art, Painting, Sculpture, Work on Paper, Film/Video, Writing

Beauty Truth by L Brandon Krall

L. Brandon Krall portrait by Peter Moore circa 1981

Because all art is conceptual I refer to the range of my works using that term… those who deny that conceptual content is in their work are making decisions and choices... The mind has two hemispheres which mirror each other; the right is thought to be logical/language and intellect driven and the left creative, spatial, experiential…. My work has always included objects and installations… I have been filming as an art form and as a professional for the last 40 years… I am a practitioner of Chanoyu and keep canaries and finches free flying… All aesthetic expression is important…

Websites: mon-oeuvre.netmediatriangle.comliteralfiguratives.net

Vimeo: Portrait of the artist asCHANGEchance


LaThoriel Badenhausen

Mixed Media

I make art to satisfy my impulse to bring discordant things together to stage a dialogue not possible with a lone item. I seek to find satire and humor in the new dialogue. I use found objects, domestic goods, feminine products and traditional art supplies. I sew, cut and paste, build, destroy and rebuild. 

Website: LaThoriel.com

Instagram: lathorielbadenhausen

Laurie Sheridan

Sculpture, Printmaking

fecundpod by Laurie Sheridan
Amber Whirly by Laurie Sheridan

Laurie Sheridan is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Her art is grounded in the belief in a universal energy running through all things. Her sculptures, drawings and monotypes explore the relationship between primordial energy, the collective unconscious, and the natural world. She strives to make the invisible visible with her cast-resin and mixed media forms; they are like an ancestral sap containing a life-force. Many pieces are lit from within; others are translucent and conduct light naturally. The placement of deceased endangered insects in these works serve both as preservation, and a willingness for them to re-animate. Her works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and sculpture parks internationally.

Website: lauriesheridan.com


Lena Mösko

Painting, Dance and Video (and Unintentional Fotografie ;) )

acrylic painting 2020-02 by Lena Mösko.jpg

Lena Mösko studied contemporary dance / improvisation as well as art with a focus on painting and video work. Her work is shaped by the recurring theme of physicality. Intimacy and anonymity of body and being, felt body and seen body and the non-material connection between bodies are overarching themes that find expression in painting, associative short videos and performative works. Not so much the things themselves, it is also not so much the form and technology that she deals with, it is much more what is between things and around them - what lies in their connection.

Websites: muellermoesko.delenamoesko.de

Vimeo: Lena Mösko      


Leonie Castelino

Textile Fiber Art

Dance in Magenta by Leonie Castelino
detail of Dance in Green & Orange by Leonie Castelino

I am an American Contemporary Fiber Artist creating art in Textiles. Paintings or Hangings float off the wall, or Aerial Sculptures move with a passing breeze. Installations involve hangings, sculptures & mobiles, a commentary on social issues. I show in International Museums & Juried Exhibitions.

Website: leoniecastelino.com

Instagram: leoniecastelino 


Leslie Pelino

Mixed Media

Pelino creates a world steeped in memory and nostalgia. Each element of salvaged material has been handled and passed down, interweaving memories, materials and space, down to the antique loom on which the artist shuttles and collapses time. Scraps evolve into visual stories rich in imagination and tailored for individualization. “This is beauty with a twist of the grim, humorous while empathic, playful yet grounded, soulful while dour, frenetic yet narratively rich and awesomely silent.” 

Website: howlingspiders.com


Linda Filley

Mixed Media

Linda Filley has been making her paper creations for over 12 years. They grew out of display work she was doing for a store in the Hudson Valley. Like the signature Paper Dresses she created for the store’s front window, the Shoes are a transformation of everyday materials. Cardboard, brown paper, wallpaper, old maps, and sheet music, sometimes new and sometimes vintage. Her work speaks to many themes: recycling, history, and nature with an eye to fashion and whimsy.

A self-taught artist who was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in Montreal, Canada, Linda currently lives in the Hudson Valley.

Website: lindafilleypapershoes.com

Instagram: lindafilleypapershoes


Linda Stillman

Collage, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Installation

Tree Tree Tree by Linda Stillman

Linda Stillman is a New York artist who works in various media, investigating concepts of time, memory and nature. Stillman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the School of Visual Arts and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA).  Her work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the country. Stillman’s art work has been reviewed in numerous publications and is included in many private and public collections.

Website: lindastillman.com 

Instagram: linda_stillman


Lisa Breznak

Fired Clay Surfaced with Paint, Varnish, and/or 22k Gold Leaf and Carved Polystyrene Relief Panels

Working most often in palm sized miniatures, playing with the power of scale, and referencing body language, architecture, ritual, and costume, Lisa Breznak anthropomorphizes abstract forms. There is a lot of social commentary in these little pieces. With beauty, humor, and irony, the works tell cautionary tales and illustrate the fables and foibles of contemporary life and human nature. Breznak holds degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Plattsburgh, and Goddard College, with post graduate study at Parsons School of Design.

Website: lisabreznak.com 


Lisa D'Amico, PhD

Artist. Curator. Educator.

Every new painting is a deep breath. A new beginning to tell a story using color and creativity. Translating and provoking human emotions are the primary focuses of my artwork. I strive to reproduce the varied facets of feelings through my deep fascination with color, shape and composition and the struggles that occur between them.

Website: lisadamico.net


Lisa K Rosenstein

Drawing, Sculpture

artwork by Lisa K Rosenstein
artwork by Lisa K Rosenstein

I think a lot about the transitory nature of life, we are here, and then we aren’t. In between we have the gift of living on this beautiful planet. As an artist I find ways to use discarded materials to visually express my thoughts and feelings about the joy and grief of existence, our interconnectedness with the natural world, and with each other.

Life is chaotic, complex, noisy, and at times painfully full. I make art that provides a space for contemplation, solitude, and a visual opportunity to slow down.

Website: lisakrosenstein.com


Lise Prown

Ceramics and Fiber Arts

Lise Prown has recently been focusing on colorful, well designed, ceramics and fiber arts. These works explore the intersection of art, design history, craft and information graphics. The goal with this craft based work is to reach as broad a cross section of viewers as possible while creating useful items that are intellectually rigorous and artistically engaging.

Website: liseprown.com


Lois Sylvia Bender

Watercolor, Printmaking Mediums, Pastel, Drawing

I work simultaneously in several distinct bodies of work from watercolor to printmaking with vibrant themes of nature. In my “plant, pond, poem” works on paper series, I imagine graphic aquatic pools of reflections. I love the abundant variety of visuals of a “seeing” pond, flowing or still, mirroring the plants and sky above. Water’s fluid transparency from depths to surface is similar to the lucidity in reveries, daydreaming and states of creativity. Ponds: waters, textures, lushness and sounds entice me to muse and paint this flowing lyrical world. Layers of pentimenti fuse in a visual poetry of figuration and abstraction.

Websites: LoisBender.comGardenSpiritsNY.com
Instagram: loisbenderartgardenspiritsny


Luz Castaneda


Renascimento Rebirth by Luz Castaneda
oxossi urbano by Luz Castaneda
espada de ogum Ogum by Luz Castaneda

I am a Brazilian Painter, self-taught artist and PhD in Genetics. My research and artwork are a combination of my artistic soul and scientific mind with my free spirit to combine the two. Since 2009 I have become a researcher of the Afro-Brazilian traditions and have developed a series of work dedicated to this expression. The enchantment of nature, whether through science or through spiritual traditions based on nature, has been the source of inspiration for my creations. In 2019 my series Rebirth won an award from the Queens Consul of the Arts. 

Website: luzcastaneda.com  

Instagram: luzcastaneda


Lynette Charters

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Board and Fabric

Lynette Charters profile photo
Klimt's Judith ll Muse by Lynette Charters
Bazille's Muse with Peonies by Lynette Charters

Our verbal and visual communications present a predominantly white, heterosexual, cis-male perspective. An overwhelming difficulty for a woman, is owning her body, without it seemingly on display for male appreciation.

The Missing Women Series hopes to address this problem by using public galleries as a setting to highlight how women are presented, but not represented in art, history and society; how our accomplishments are uncompensated, unrecorded and frequently appropriated. The area of the bodies from the original painting is replaced with bare wood. They ‘stare’ back at you, observing. Our minds project a sexuality, then questions how appropriate that is.

Website: lcharters.com

Instagram: lynettecharters

Black Water

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