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Saturday, May9th , 2015 - 6:00 PM  -  10:00 PM

Spring Fundraising Event

with Mr. Yanagi and Friends

Buy a Journal Placement

The Commemorative Journal will be the first way to commemorate our community for its support to the Hammond Museum.


It will be collection of sponsors dedications, local corporate acknowledgements and contributors with their business ads or expressions of best wishes to all supporters of the Hammond Museum.


This will be a space designed as you wish  to acknowledge  the Museum's dedication for future generations with your generous  contribution.



Please note that those who buy a half page or more will have dinner reservations for the Spring Fund Raising Event included. See the table below to the numbers.


Back Cover –                                   $  3,000.00     (Incl. 10 reservations) *

Inside Front or Back Cover –     $  3,000.00     (Incl. 10 reservations) *
First Inside Page –                       $  3,000.00     (Incl. 10 reservations) *
Last Inside Page –                        $  3,000.00     (Incl. 10 reservations) *
Full Inside Page –                         $  1,000.00     (Incl.  4 reservations)  *
Half Inside Page -                         $      600.00     (Incl. 2 reservations)  *
Quarter Inside Page -                   $      275.00 

Eighth Inside Page -                     $      150.00


* Also includes one (1) year membership and 10% discount in the Museum Gift Shop during 2015
















ONCE YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR JOURNAL PLACEMENT, you must submit the copy and artwaork that will be used for the Journal Space to Lorraine Laken, email




COMPLETED BY APRIL 29th, 2015   


The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) corporation. Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.



If you prefer to  reserve your place in the commemorative journal by phone or to confirm all other event arrangments,  please  contact:


Lorraine Laken, Hammond Museum Director,

Phone: (914) 669-5033, Fax: (914) 669-8221,



Your Personal  Ad Design  for this Commemorative Journal must be contained inside these page layouts:

  • FULL, HALF, QUARTER and ONE EIGHTH sized formats.

  • See measurements indicated 

  • All  graphics  files (JPEG preferred) must have a print resolution  at  300 dpi or higher. High resoluiton PDF files are acceptable.

This program is made possible, in part, by Arts Westchester and additional funding from M&T Bank

For more information, please call (914) 669-5033 or email

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