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Corona Virus Series 18 Spring is Eternal, a painting by Christina Saj

Corona Virus Series 18

Spring is Eternal  

Christina Saj

Acrylic on Vinyl

12 inch diameter

Not for Sale

Cedar Grove, New Jersey


My recent works are meditations on mourning for all our world has lost, as well as the complex constantly changing structure of the virus itself. With the sudden appearance of the corona virus – the circle itself became my subject. As a painter of spiritual forms, I couldn’t help but see the duality. These paintings offer a connection to mandalas referencing a sacred space and yet they reflect the virus itself, becoming at once paradoxical. They are an invitation to the viewer to linger, to explore layers of meaning in their bright patterned and complex surfaces in hope to find connections to their own stories and experiences and emotions, hopefully uncovering insights which elucidate and comfort. In this dark time, strangely full of silver linings, it is my aim to shed light on our collective experience. Their geometries represent the cosmos or a time microcosm of the universe, or a model for the structure of life itself.

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