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Kate Thomas performing

Precious Breakfast

Kate Thomas


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Boston, Massachusetts

Precious Breakfast 

Cracked egg in pan, morning’s sizzle
Wake up knowing what’s in store
Golden yoke shining bright

Springtime is scrambled
When it’s cool then warm then cool again
A winding path to summer days
Mixed and blended
Unknown, then knowing, then unknown again
Rain is certain, right?
And green does grow back, flowers too
Beauty with a name, and purpose
Sunny side up beginnings
Warm breakfasts together

Prepare the dishes for the sun
It comes soon, look for it, the bright side
Mixed, then spiced, seasoned
Guided into messy order
A work of art
Enjoy this
Precious Breakfast

Before counters wiped clean
Hardened egg drops removed
Flaky pieces pulled from the pan
Once it has cooled
Culinary magic erased

After this, you prepare for what is next
Lunch, dinner, autumn
You look forward to another break
But it’s fast
Egg cracked, yoke dripped, sizzled, then gone

Spring is calling
Or is it winter, already, again

– Kate Thomas

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