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Swirling Strokes, a painting by Khadija Zizi

Swirling Strokes  

Khadija Zizi

Acrylic on Linen Canvas

80 x 80


Rabat, Morocco


Swirling Strokes is my latest creation. It translates emotions that were/are whirling inside. During this pandemic, I sometimes feel like we are going in circles. Now there is light, and then there are darker strokes. I sense that the end of the nightmare is going to soon end; and then, there come the ‘variants’! Remain careful and safe! Yay, the vaccines are available! I got both shots, yet I need to keep distancing and masking up! The painting strokes that I keep applying express the never ending whirlwind and the maze that I feel myself trapped in.

The big, bright semi-circle in the middle expresses my yearning for life to get back to normal. I would like to break free from the “Willy-willy”!

I long for my hand to grab a suitcase and fill it with beachwear. I cannot wait for my traveling spree to resume. I look forward to getting on a bus, train, ship, and/or plane!

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