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Women: This Much and More

Marcy B. Freedman with art that inspired the performance
Performers in Women This Much and More

Performers in Women This Much and More

Women: This Much

and More

A performance event in conjunction with Marcy B. Freedman’s installation

Just Look at Us Now

Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 3:00 PM

During the pandemic, artist and art historian Marcy B. Freedman created more than 400 digital collages.  One series within this body of work is called “Just Look at Us Now.” Thirty-one prints from this series are on view in the Hays Gallery of the Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden as part of our BROADPOWERS exhibition. These artworks focus upon the diverse accomplishments of contemporary women. The artist has made her point by juxtaposing portraits of women from the past – paintings dating from the Renaissance to the early 20th century – with altered versions of the SAME woman in a contemporary situation.

These works have inspired contemporary writers and poets, dancers, and musicians to create their own interpretations of the women depicted in Freedman’s art. On Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 3pm, members of the public are invited to experience live music, dance, and readings, accompanied by the relevant projected imagery.

The program will include:


An Introduction by

Marcy B. Freedman


Music by

SKIN AGAINST METAL (Nanette Garcia, Maurice Minichino, Belle Torres, Ismael Adames )


Dance by

Marsi Burns

Mary Sofianos (with recorded music by Daniel Cordani)

Readings by
Donna Barkman
Linda Jean Fisher
Maz Hedgehog
Alicia Hoffman
Kitty Jospe
Rebecca Elisabeta Marya Ribeiro
Beverly Army Williams

For Further Information 

Marcy B. Freedman at 914 271 5891 or

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