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Wave Hill Flower Diary (45 drawings) bt Linda Stillman

Wave Hill Flower Diary (45 drawings)

Linda Stillman

Flower Stains & Pencil on Paper

each 6 x 6 inches, framed: 7 x 7 inches, overall installation size approximately: 35 x 63 inches

Price on Request - INQUIRE


In this photograph my drawings are shown on display in the Glyndor House Gallery at Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center in the Bronx.

The Wave Hill Flower Diary drawings are made with stains of flowers from the Conservatory at Wave Hill, which I visited every day of my residency there in the winter of 2013. I rubbed the flower petals onto paper, creating traces of their ephemeral color and recorded the plant names. What started out as note taking process became a set of drawings that memorialize the daily pleasure of gathering the fallen blooms and mark the passage of my time at Wave Hill. 

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