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March to April Express / March Onward

Karen LaFleur - Artist

Nancy Tucker - Musician

March to April Express: Concept, Artwork and Animation by Karen LaFleur ©

March Onward: Original Composition and Performance by Nancy Tucker ©℗

1:19 minutes

Contact Artist: ( Animation Usage Fee Available )

Contact Musician: ( Composition, Song Usage and Performance Fees Available )

Cape Cod, Massachusetts / Goshen, Connecticut


Karen LaFleur is a digital artist, writer and animator.  Her artwork explores the interplay between interior and exterior worlds with a focus on adaptability.  The animation “March to April Express” captures the transitional half-winter/ half-spring rush through the month of March as the seasons change and race towards Spring.

Musician Nancy Tucker is an accomplished guitarist, composer, lyricist and humorist with a lifelong career of live performance and recording for both children and adults. Her song “March Onward” is an original composition and guitar performance.

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