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Cherry Blossoms, a painting by Aisla Islava

Cherry Blossoms 

Aisla Islava

Acrylic on Prepared Canvas

24 x 48 inches

Price on Request - INQUIRE

San Francisco, California


One of the most familiar images in Japanese art, the blossoming cherry has deep roots in Japanese culture and is considered the national flower of Japan.


Cherry Blossoms is one of a four painting series in acrylic on wood panel, Inspired by a Four Panel Series of Four Flowers: Cherry Blossom, California Poppy, Lily and Hydrangea. 


The paintings have been featured in a Floral Studio Gallery solo show and as part of a Dionysian Festival Four Seasons Dance with internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Mary Sano, a native of Japan and founder of the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance. The series was commissioned by Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dance in San Francisco for the 18th Annual Dionysian Festival as backdrops for Duncan Dance choreography with classical  compositions by Scriabin, Correlli, and performances by original composer and pianist Tony Chapman and neoclassical composer and pianist Benjamin Akela Belew.

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