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Vessels, a painting by Pam Smilow


Pam Smilow

Mixed Media on Canvas

76 x 144 inches

$35,000 USD - INQUIRE

Collection of the Artist

New York, New York


This piece is a collaboration between a husband and wife team, New York artist Pam Smilow and Danish artist Gert Mathiesen. It was painted in a studio in Berkeley, California in 2012. In addition to painting and printmaking, both artists also worked extensively in ceramics during the course of their careers.



Nalini Rau

Poem Usage Fee Available - INQUIRE

Hudson Valley, New York



In this moment
I am
The past is there
The possibility
With grace
Time and I come together
Create only joy
A new maturity

-- Nalini Rau      Jan 9, 2007

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