Call for Entries to the Hammond Museum Virtual Exhibitions

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Artists Reception Virtual Event

The virtual Artist Reception will be via Zoom on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. to launch the Virtual Exhibition live during this reception.

Exhibition Times and Locations

FIRST Saturday 10:00 a.m. EDT

10:00 a.m. New York

​14:00 Reykjavik

15:00 Casablanca, London

16:00 Berlin, Paris, Cape Town

17:00 Helsinki

18:00 Dubai
19:30 Mumbai

22:00 Bali, Beijing, Taipei, 23:00 Tokyo

4:00 Honolulu, 7:00 a.m. San Francisco

8:00 Taos, 9:00 Mexico City

11:00 Buenos Aires

Questions regarding submissions or artist memberships, please email:


Questions regarding file format technical details, please email:

Virtual Exhibitions

Hammond Museum Artist Members

Virtual Gallery

Openings are on the first Saturday of each month

Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis

The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden in North Salem, New York, is an eminent cultural institution with generous exhibit spaces and a serene sculpture garden. Art exhibitions, musical performances, Japanese tea ceremonies, and other activities are just a few of the many cultural events offered. It is a unique and inspiring museum with a big heart, building an artist community locally and globally. 

Virtual Exhibition

Curated monthly exhibition for Hammond Museum Artist members that will be viewable on the Hammond’s virtual exhibition website. Each exhibit will stay online for a year.

Monthly Theme is Based on a Color Painting

Artists are to use each month's painting as a muse or inspiration for their submissions. The painting will change each month. The next three paintings are above. All artistic media and styles are accepted, including 2D, 3D, short film and video, installation, as well as short literary forms, music, and dance.

Submission to Virtual Exhibition

To submit, you must be a Hammond Artist Member and email your submission by the dates below to:


September 15 for October 3 Exhibition

October 15 for November 7 Exhibition
November 15 for December 5 Exhibition

December 15 for January 2 Exhibition

January 15 for February 6 Exhibition

February 15 for March 6 Exhibition

March 15 for April 3 Exhibition

April 15 for May 1 Exhibition

Artist Agreement

Artist Members have free unlimited submissions each month. By submitting works to the Hammond Museum Virtual Exhibition artists agree to allow the accepted artworks to be used for publicity and archival purposes. Artists will retain the copyright of their work published on the Hammond Museum website.


Artists also agree to contribute $5 per each accepted artwork payable by the 25th of the month prior to the Virtual Exhibition. Without this fee, works will not be included.

Accepted artworks

Artists will be notified by the 20th of each month whether their artwork has been accepted. After you are accepted into the month's exhibition, please

Pay Here

Submission Details

For each submission please include in the email:

1. Artist Name:


2. Title of Work:


3. Media:


4. Size:


5. Price:

$ (US Dollar), Not for Sale,  Price on Request, Accepts Commission Assignments

Private Collection, Collection of xxx, or Collection of xxx Museum


6. Artist / Artwork Location:


7. A short description of this work of art

8. Contact info:

  • Mailing addresses

  • Phone number

  • Artist email

  • Facebook link

  • Instagram link

9. Image of artwork:

Format for the filename of the JPG, PDF, or MP3:                 

LastName_Title.jpg (i.e.: daVinci_MonaLisa.jpg)

Please note: photos images should be high-resolution: The minimum image dimension for height and width is 1200 pixels.



Leonardo De Vinci

Mona Lisa

Oil on Canvas

30 x 21 inches

Collection of The Louvre

The Louvre, Paris, France


A portrait that emphasizes the mystery of a woman's gaze and the subtlety of her soul.

1452, Anchiano, Vinci, Italy, 50059



Accepted formats for artwork

All submission images: The minimum image dimension for height and width is 1200 pixels.

Visual art: JPG or PNG for artwork, installation, and still images of performances. 

Literary works: PDF or word document for literary form.

Video, film, dance, and music: Submissions can be video files or links to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, or Twitch videos. Music is accepted as links, MP3 or MP4 files. 

For audio/visual works accepted into an exhibition, we will need a 3-minute clip for presentation during the live artist's reception. If your work is much longer than 3 minutes, please ALSO send a 3-minute clip for the reception. If a short clip is not included, you must send an MP4 file of the complete video that is at least 720p and we will determine where to trim the work for the live reception.

For questions regarding technical details about formats accepted, please email


All artworks are eligible for sale. The Museum will receive 20% of the sale. Interested buyers will contact the Hammond Museum ( to purchase a piece.                                  


All shipping and/or customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


All the money raised from the artist memberships will go to an ArtFund dedicated to renovating the Clay Workshop and Art Studio and for expanding the Hammond's Art Education Programs for children and adults. Opening in Summer 2021. Any additional donations to the fund are gratefully accepted.

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J.C.C. Fund, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York


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