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Dance of the Shinings, a painting by Osiris Munir

Dance of the Shinings 

Osiris Munir

9 x 18.5 inches

Oil Paint

Price on Request - INQUIRE

Los Angeles, California


Dance of the Shinings is wood on wood, with the bottom piece acting as a frame around the top piece. I paint and then glue both together with the bottom piece supporting the top piece.


The green is very strong and so I added the softer palette colors to pop and support the greens vibrancy.. I wanted to use the palette knife in a way that it appears to make the characters move across the textured surface, as if in a dance. Shinings are those beings that are kind, truthful, honest and possess integrity. Often these people appear to be weak because of their having a heart. Those things of a lower vibratory rate seek them out for their strong life force and loftiness of spirit.

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