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Hammond Museum Tea Club ceremony

Tea Club Membership

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Become a Tea Club Member

The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden has had a long and dedicated devotion to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which is a distinctive and highly regarded part of Japanese culture. In addition to our lovely Japanese Stroll Garden with its numerous plants and trees native to Japan, and our wide array of related programs, the Hammond Museum has the distinction of housing an authentic Tea Room (named Ryusuiken). The Tea Room was brought from Kyoto and donated to the Hammond Museum by Koichi Yanagi, renowned Kyoto-New York fine arts dealer, in 2011.

Throughout the year, the Hammond hosts an active calendar of Tea Ceremony events and programs. We welcome those both new and familiar with Tea to join us, to cultivate and refine their enjoyment and understanding of this singular cultural tradition.

Individual Tea Club Annual Membership   $50

Family Tea Club Annual Membership   $70

In addition to Hammond Museum membership benefits, Individual or Family Tea Club members also receive:

  • Invitation to all Tea-related events at the Hammond with special offerings

  • 25% discount for Tea events and workshops       

  • Complementary offerings of tea and sweets for volunteers or Tea Club event attendees (seating limits may apply)


ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP (for licensed tea instructors)

Individual Advanced Annual Membership   $75

Family Advanced Annual Membership   $90


In addition to Hammond Museum and Tea Club membership benefits, Advanced Tea Club Members also receive:


  • Once yearly, private use of the Hammond's Ryusuiken Tea Room (to be scheduled in advance, as Museum and Tea Club events take priority); rental charges will not apply if all invited guests are Hammond Museum Members

    • Advanced Tea Club Members may rent use of the Tea Room beyond each annual single allowance for $150 per session

  • Profile on the Tea Club's Page on the Hammond Museum's website:

    • Each Advanced Member may be listed, along with their background, tea philosophy, and programs, to promote his/her tea practice


Keep the Museum's mission growing by becoming a member.

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