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Landscape Deconstructed - Artist Statements 


Mimi Czajka Graminski


During this past year, I became very sensitive to my environment and noticed many subtle things around me. I was drawn to and became enamored with the abundance of materials I could find in nature – leaves and flowers, along with the combined effects of moving air and light. I noticed and was drawn to shadows made with the combination of wind and sunlight on them. I pinned leaves and petals onto boards (reminding me of early naturalists) and focus the attention on their organic shapes and colors. Sunlight and wind became players in the story. Photography and video were a way for me to document and expand the process as I discovered an appreciation for these media.

Linda Stillman


From daily documenting the sky, to producing stains by deconstructing flower petals, to drying and cutting leaves for collages, I record my surroundings. I capture fleeting moments of time and celebrate the complex beauty of nature.

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