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Transformed Realities

Exhibition - April 21st  to June 16th, 2018

Hays Gallery

Rosalind Schneider



A solo exhibition by artist and filmmaker Rosalind Schneider 
at the Hammond Museum & Japanese Scroll Garden 
Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis 

This exhibit features the art of one of New York's famed artists, whose work is in the pe11nanent collection ofMoMA. She is considered as one of the first important avant-garde women filmmakers, and her films are ctmently being restored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


This exhibit offers a short glimpse of her life's work spanning many decades. The artist Rosalind Schneider states, " A personal voyage into nature is the core of the work that transcends boundaries. Expanding the source of inspiration through layered manifestation of realities binds paintings, drawings and video.


Although photography, both moving and still, serves as a primary instrument in the gathering of images, the realization of the work becomes complete through the abstraction of elements."


Her powerfully expressive vision is transformative and transcendental of mediums, merging techniques and perceptions, presenting a truly original and unique exhibit.


Her impacting work compels attention and impresses a timeless quality. Even the pieces she finished decades ago are as current as if they were completed just yesterday. 


Artist Talk 
Saturday May 5, 2018 at 2:00 PM 

Celebrating Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 

Rosalind Schneider will show a series of short videos" China Suite" that she has taken during her travels in China. With "China Suite", her emphasis will be on the translation of noteworthy sites in Yunnan Province. 

Schneider says "The videos expand reality to become a reverie of the elements in nature". She will also explain her creative process of extracting a single frame from the moving image to generate her paintings. After viewing the videos, visitors will be able to reference the paintings that were derived from the video. 


Artist Statement


I seek to create work that transcends its source to form a new reference to a visionary landscape.


The power of the natural environment is a continuing source of inspiration. I create layered landscape images with multiple realities that progress from the real into abstraction and a fusion of the two.


They are expanded visions of the earth. I seek sites that carry a primeval power. Although images are site specific, they must also speak to a greater vision of place.


Digital Fusion paintings resulting from the capture of a video frame use computer technology as a starting point and are realized through hands on manipulation.


The surfaces are transformed by drawing, acrylic and glass particle collage resulting in a luminous translation that speaks to its moving image origin.


I am most interested in the quality of light as a structural element. The paintings are a fusion of multiple realities that are birthed from video.

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