Origami as Therapy Series on Zoom 

Dates to be Announced  

Origami as a Therapy for Mind and Body

taught by Yoshimi Arai​

This origami class is not only a craft class.

We use Origami as a tool to gain these benefits:

  • Exercise the brain and memory

  • Create sensations on your fingers to stimulate your brain

  • Increase focus

  • Feel confident and accomplished

  • Make something fun and useful

  • Learn how to create happiness by yourself

  • Have a Zen mind

  • Make new connections with the people who have the same goals

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This class includes music and physical exercises with origami teaching. Music sets the mood and stimulates your hearing, and the color of the paper stimulates your field of vision. Folding paper correctly trains your finger muscles and builds muscle memory while memorizing the steps also stimulates your brain.


Learning the logic of origami patterns expands your geometric understanding and folding origami improves your focus and helps control your emotions.


Being able to make an origami creation from memory with a single sheet of paper gives you a tangible sense of accomplishment and happiness. It is a therapeutic exercise and a joyful meditation.

Necessary supplies: origami paper 8"or 9"square, letter sized papers

(8 1/2" x 11") and scissors. Origami paper available at craft stores and Amazon.

Fee: $15 per class - Zoom information will be sent after payment.

Fee: $40 for all three classes 

Yoshimi Arai, the principal of Magokoro New York, will be your host and instructor. She is an expert in the fine arts of Japanese culinary presentations and handmade design accessories. Many of her fine arts have been available at the Hammond Museum Gift Shop for many years.

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