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Astronaut digital collage
Astronaut digital collage


Digital Collage


Marcy B. Freedman

Marcy B. Freedman 2019 by Ryon Odneal (2

Marcy B. Freedman

In_Question Artists

In_Question Artists

Carla Rae Johnson, Mary McFerran, and Marcy B. Freedman


In_Question Artist: Marcy B. Freedman

Hays Gallery

June 5 - November, 2021

Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis

Just Look at Us Now!

An installation by Marcy B. Freedman

Marcy B. Freedman is an artist and an art historian. In both realms, her work has often addressed the place of women in society.

In the Hays Gallery of the Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, Freedman has installed a series of digital collages that demonstrate the diverse accomplishments of contemporary women. She has made her point by juxtaposing portraits of women from the past – paintings dating from the Renaissance to the early 20h century – with altered versions of the SAME woman in a contemporary situation.

A consideration of the series as a whole makes it clear that women have built a new, expanded world for themselves! A majority of the depicted women from the past were the wives of rich and powerful men, and they were portrayed as passive beings, posed demurely in their finery. In contrast, the contemporary women are active, in charge of their own lives. These strong women have accepted various physical, cultural and intellectual challenges. They have earned the right to assert, “Just look at us now!”

ARTISTS RECEPTION - June 5, 2021 - 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Exhibit is open during museum hours:

Wednesday - Saturday, 12 to 4pm

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