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Post Partim & Laza, paintings by Osiri

Post Partim & Laza

Osiris Munir

Los Angeles, California



Post Partim

Oil/Palette Knife

24x24 inches



Post-Partim is a collaboration of images of the different moods that shape a woman's day.

As humans, our minds swing from one extreme to another.

It seems to change from moment to moment at my given time.

This piece gives voice to a plethora of emotions that have no boundaries and come

from a place deep within my one psyche.





14 x 17 inches



Laza in this image means a brighter, more colorful future in store. There is always darkness before dawn.

Out of darkness comes light, and within the color black are all colors.

The red is the blood of forefathers' past and those who stand before us now in spirit.

It is the best of the worst and the process most necessary for change. Laza encompasses a piece of the fabric of life. How we can all work together and best support each other.

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