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GOELET GALLERY - April 18th to June 20th, 2015


Ceramics by Karen Ford

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The Artist's Statement 


My grandfather owned a Chinese restaurant.  At an early age I became aware of the significance of holiday celebrations and milestone family events of birthdays, weddings, and funerals because they were centered on a meal or banquet.  Many courses of food, each having significant meaning (e.g.,noodles=longevity), were always served family-style. 


My work celebrates this union of family and friends in a communal fashion.  Each piece reflects the user and how the food is presented.  Each should be aesthetically pleasing as well as completely functional. I employ simple organic forms because I believe that the marriage of clay, form and glaze speak for themselves. 


This aesthetic was reinforced after a trip to Japan which incorporated food and art.  Each meal was meticulously prepared and presented on a piece of pottery that allowed the food to be the focal point.  Even the simplest vegetable or piece of fish was presented in a creative and beautiful way.


My work is a fusion between clay, fire and glass.  I press texture into the porcelain, using natural objects to form abstract textures.  The small bits of glass melt during the second firing, creating a pool of translucent color.  These small puddles of glass fuse with the glaze leaving a smooth, gem-like surface reminiscent of semi-precious stones or ice formations. Each firing yields different results, so each piece is unique.  I strive to create work that evokes a calm and peaceful feeling.


These functional pieces may be used for serving a group as well as a single meal.  They can be used decoratively.   I hope to enhance the everyday ritual of eating, drinking, and living by making it a beautiful and shared experience.


                            Karen Ford, Ceramic  Artist       

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