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My Son Is At The Border?, a lithography by Nayeli García

My Son Is At The Border?

Nayeli García

Date: 10/04/21 9:00 am

Stone Lithography onto Albanian Paper, Cropped Letters and Black Marker

35.5 x 39.5 centimeter


Mexico City, Mexico


This collage drawing was made through Bibiana Huang Matheis's invitation to participate in a drawing group with other woman artists. The dynamic is about trying to draw at 9:00 am in our own countries every second Saturday of the month. While doing this I began to think about the 2021 situation with emigrant's children at the border between USA and Mexico.

So I started drawing pregnant woman without hands and feet because their children were taken away while crossing the border. And the women are unable to do anything because maybe their children are dead, lost, taken by organized crime or abandoned on the way.

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