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There Is No Other: Anyatha Naasti

Nalini Rau

Poetry and Classical Dance

4:19 minutes

Performance Fees Available

Hudson Valley, New York


Anyatha Naasti ‘ there is only oneness / there is no ‘other’ Nalini Rau wrote this poem after seeing the manhandling of women in UK. It is recited by Maya Rau-Murthy, with choreography and dance by Nalini Rau.


We are all interconnected: there is no ‘other’. It is the perception of the ‘other’ which has allowed power grabs, deep inequalities, de-humanizing and festering discord. The pandemic has brought home to us our global connectedness and the importance of acting as a global family. The poem explores the insight that there is no ‘other’, and expresses the hope that acting on this insight will lead to peace within and harmony with each other


We dehumanize the ‘other’ out of fear and insecurity and in order to maintain power. To justify othering, we demonize the other, make them less than human. We can only be humane and strive for equality by acknowledging and correcting the systemic issues that those we “other” face. Only then can we act on our interconnectedness, realize our oneness, and find peace and harmony within us and around us. We explore how our interconnectedness plays an essential role in global peace.

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