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‘symparthy #20-9-1’, ‘symparthy #20-9-2’, & ‘symparthy #20-9-3’, photographs by Shoko Miki  三木祥子

‘symparthy #20-9-1’  
‘symparthy #20-9-2’ 
‘symparthy #20-9-3’

(A coined word=There is‘art’in’sympathy’) 

Shoko Miki 三木祥子


1,000 pixels X 1,150 pixels

$100 USD each (edition 1/5) - INQUIRE

Tokyo, Japan


In the the field of “environmental art” I’ve been continuously

creating installations with pictures of flowers for people all

over the world who have suffered through terrible catastrophes.

For this ‘Prayer through Flowers’ series, I’d like to express

my empathy (including art) and positive wishes to all people

on earth. This form of “prayer” art is one of my life’s works.

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