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Native Seeds 2020 & This Is Not A Lawn, photographs by Riva Weinstein

left - Native Seeds 2020
right - This Is Not A Lawn

Riva Weinstein

Digital Photograph

2048 x 2048 pixels (approximately 9.5 x 9.5 inches) each

Not for Sale. Accepts Commissions.

Stanfordville, New York


left- As part of an ongoing outdoor installation project entitled This Is Not A Lawn, I collected seeds from a friend's meadow in mid November, to cast in areas I had weeded of invasive Japanese Stiltgrass all summer. Photographing the seeds is part of the documentation of the project which takes the form of circles left unmowed, where trees are now growing and the process of weeding out invasive species, and cultivating natives continues.


right- This Is Not A Lawn is an ongoing outdoor installation in which 18 circles were left unmowed through the summer of 2020. In those circles, invasive species are weeded out and native species are cultivated. Oak and elm trees have taken root, mosses are spreading and piles of Japanese Stiltgrass are composting. Fallen leaves have been used to outline and define the circles, while also composting.

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