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Cinnamon Ape Exile, a painting by Kazaan Viveiros

Cinnamon Ape Exile

Kazaan Viveiros

Acrylic on Panel

36 by 36 inches

$3,800 USD - INQUIRE

Frenchtown, New Jersey


My painting, Cinnamon Ape Exile, focuses on the current plight of the orangutan. The rainforest habitat of this great ape is systematically being ravaged through slash and burn practices in order to make room for palm oil plantations that supply cheap oil used in countless household products and food. I’ve used the head of the male orangutan in the center of a square to present a startling, bold image. He is surrounded by fire, with palm oil fruit depicted in each corner. The worldwide demand for cheap palm oil has tragically reduced this intelligent primate to a critically endangered status. With this work, I hope to raise awareness and encourage people to avoid buying products that use palm oil.

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