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Saturday, June 23rd,  2018, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Summer Openings in Play Exhibits

 June 23rd to September 8th, 2018  1:00-3:00pm

The Hammond Museum is pleased to launch our full sized chess board, also a shogi board  for Japanese chess, which was designed to promote the Museum's original mission, bridging the spirit of the East and the West through its art, culture, and natural beauty.  


Museum founder Natalie Hays Hammond originally had this chess board in the garden in 1959 that was later removed. When this new granite chess board was designed, the original full- sized chess pieces were recovered and restored, ready for play.

The success of this extraordinary restoration project was initiated and directed by North Salem Boy Scout Aaron Brethower for his final Eagle Scout project.


You are invited to watch a game by accomplished chess players and to play a game on chess boards set up in the garden.  

The Summer of 2018 Exhibits: 


Serious Play by Lisa Breznak in our Goelet Gallery features five hand sculpted chess sets and a selection of forty miniature sculptures that inspired this ongoing chess themed series.

EBB,  in the Guild Hall Gallery include the works by artists Bill Schuck, Helga Schuhr, and Itty Neuhaus Schuck.


Déjà vu in the Hays Gallery, an installation by Spanish artist Clara Joris.


Threshold, at the Japanese Garden Entry is an installation by artist Riva Weinstein were curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis.


Balance  - in the Japanese Stroll Garden, is a group exhibit including the sculptures by artists Jo-Ann Brody, Joy Brown, Bernard Klevickas, Mimi Czajka Graminski, Basha Ruth Nelson, Tom Holmes, Deborah Lecce, and Janet Fekete.

This exhibition was curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis.

This program is made possible, in part, by Arts Westchester and additional funding from M&T Bank

For more information, please call (914) 669-5033 or email

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