Virtual Chinese Brush Painting Workshop

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop


Learn Asian Brush Painting with the Asian Brush Artists Guild (ABAG).

The Asian Brush Artists Guild meets at the Hammond Museum and offers an opportunity for hands-on learning of Asian brush painting. Below are the dates and information about these workshops.

Virtual Classes

Dates to be Announced


The Building-blocks of Chinese Landscape Painting - how to create your own unique landscape with Jane Chang.


Chinese Brush Painting Class 

There will be a 45 minute demonstration followed by a 30 minute break.

Regroup to wrap up for 15-20 minutes. Jane will be able to critique during the wrap up session and also be available for individual critique by email for each participant. 


Suitable for beginners and all levels of ability.

Fee: $20 per person

Landscape with Gary Heise 

Gary will show you works of several Chinese masterworks to understand their technique and approach to landscape painting, and you will use these ideas to create our own painting. We will begin with a 1 hour painting demonstration and discussion of the basic components of landscape painting, to be followed by 20-30 minutes of painting by the participants and an additional 20-30 minutes to regroup and discuss our results. This is intended as a primer to Chinese brush painting, but is suitable for artists of all levels.

Fee: $20 per person


Exploring Summer Gardens and Wildflowers in Chinese brush painting with Sungsook Hong Setton 

Explore the spirit of Chinese brush painting with Sungsook Hong Setton.

Learn the gesture and rhythm of brush painting to capture the vitality and fragrance of summertime flowers. 

Sungsook will do a demonstration and answer questions followed by

20-30 minutes of painting by the participants and additional time to regroup and discuss the results. Suitable for artists of all levels.

Fee: $20 per person


Sunflowers with Jane Chang 

Jane’s approach to painting is firmly grounded in traditional Chinese ink and watercolor painting, but with a contemporary sensibility. The workshop begins with a full painting demonstration with emphasis on brushwork, color and composition. Students will have Jane’s direction and assistance as they create their own floral masterwork. Suitable for artists of all levels.

Fee: $20 per person

More Fundamentals of Chinese Landscape Painting by Gary Heise 

In this demonstration and workshop, we will take the classical approach to painting Autumn trees and foliage with ink and watercolor. Gary shows painting masterworks and demonstrates how to paint trees and foliage in a rocky Autumn landscape. Suitable for artists of all levels.

Fee: $20 per person

Flowers in Brush Painting, from Abstraction to Realism by Jane Chang

With one foot in modernism and one foot in tradition, Jane brings new and creative approaches to Chinese brush painting in this demonstration and workshop. Suitable for artists of all levels.

Zoom information will be sent after payment.

Fee: $20 per person


Painting Chrysanthemums by Sungsook Hong Setton

Sungsook will demonstrate how to paint the noble and elegant spirit of chrysanthemums. She will assist the students during the workshop in creating their own masterwork. Suitable for artists of all levels.

Zoom information will be sent after payment.

Fee: $20 per person

For more information please email

Materials Needed (for all Chinese brush painting classes):

  • Brushes: Chinese brush or any type of paint brush you have at home (preferably point/round)

  • Ink: Chinese ink, sumi-e ink, or black watercolor

  • Color: Chinese watercolor or any paper-based watercolor or paint

  • Paper: Rice paper, watercolor paper, or any paper you have at home

  • Palette or white ceramic or plastic plate

  • Felt mat or old newspaper

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