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Desert Walk Series

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Yoon Cho.jpg

WHERE HAS THE DODO GONE?  from the Desert Walk Series

2016, 24 x 36 inches (60.96 x 91.44 cm) 

Archival pigment inkjet print, Edition of 3.

By Yoon Cho

Where has Dodo Gone? from The Desert Walk Series addresses climate change by depicting our survival in the barren sand dunes with drawings of extinct, endangered animals and human fetus over the photograph taken in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, California.

This picture asks a question. Are we on the verge of human extinction brought by the self-destructive activities or can we turn it around?

Desert Walk Series

Yoon Cho


September 11 to November 9, 2019


Curated by Bibiana Huang Mathesis.

The mixed media exhibition by visual artist Yoon Cho explores the connection between the biological life forms and our environment. Yoon Cho is currently working on several “Walk series,” which currently include Water Walk, Urban Walk, and more. Desert Walk is the first installment of the series.

The exhibit works were shot in over 25 locations from Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada. It took her five years to make Desert Walk photo and video series in which the artist looks for life in the barren desert land. Conversely, in Water Walk, the artist explores water as a life source. She explained, “Growing up in Korea and living in many different cities from the metropolis of New York to suburban Texas, I have learned about nuances beyond the obvious differences in each location. Through my daily observations of these subtleties, I became increasingly interested in depicting matters that we are aware of, but which may not be physically visible. In my work, I utilize simple graphics as clues to visualize these invisible themes.”


ARTIST RECEPTION - Saturday, Sept 14, 2019 1 - 3pm

Exhibit is open during museum hours:

Wednesday - Saturday, 12 to 4pm

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