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Program Previews 2018

Adult Brush Painting Classes


March 20th

Frank Liao

Peonies, Birds, Insects

April 17th

Polly Chan –

Waterfalls and Mist in Landscape painting                                                           

May 15th - Double Workshop

Bill Mikulewicz

How to properly wet mount rice paper painting                              

Dapeng Qian 

Writing your name in Chinese Calligraphy



Workshop fees:              

$35.00  Museum Member    

$45.00  Non Members        


Minimum 5 people

All workshops are for beginners and advanced                       

Demonstrations at 11:30 are free to the public   


Workshop from 1:30 – 4:00pm                  


For Reservations, please Contact us ASAP    


Call              914-669-5033





Play on our new life size outdoor board

made by Boy Scout Aaron Brethower


Call Hammond to confirm times and reservations


Beginner Class- ages 10 to adult    

Saturday July 14th & 21st 12:30-2:30pm



Friday July 20th   12:30-2:30pm         

Saturday July 28th       12:30-2:30pm  

Saturday August 18th    12:30-2:30pm  

 Saturday September 29th    12:30-2:30pm  

——————————— ————————--



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