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Hammond Garden

Nature as Healer - Workshop with Marlow Shami

Saturday, August 14th, 2021, 10:00 AM

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Elizabeth Hammer Munemura, Executive Director

Experience Your Source of Power and Beauty

Nature as Healer is designed to provide information, insight, and tools that help each of us deal with the challenges and rewards of connecting with nature, anywhere -- no matter how rushed, messy, or stressful your life is.

  •   9:30am - Registration and tea

  • 10:00am - 11:30am - Workshop

A donation of $20 is suggested

All proceeds benefit the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden


Discover how every day and anywhere, nature can guide, calm, inform, and restore you with the teacher and healer Marlow Shami. 


Nature as Healer is a 90-minute experiential program designed for adults seeking inspirational guidance and healing restoration within their daily life. 


Empirical research in ecopsychology, environmental psychology, meditation, and energy medicine, form the foundation of this experiential program.


Enjoy a beautifully illustrated Keynote talk, a vibrant out-of-door activity, and calming meditation as you deepen your connection with nature.


Decades of empirical studies confirm that contact with the natural world and meditation is powerful medicine. The natural world can lift your spirits, reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, increase brain function, and help cultivate a sense of belonging and compassion. 


Marlow Shami, M.S. is a nature-based teacher, artist, healer, and writer who conducts Nature as Healer workshops and talks throughout New England. Ms. Shami specializes in the healing connection between humans and the natural world.


This is an adult workshop. Mature high school age and up :-) Attendees might consider wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a mask to wear inside and a pen or pencil, journal or paper to be used during the nature connection activity.

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