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Mutual Us

Marlow Shami


2:57 minutes

Not For Sale/Free to Share with All Credits Included

Goshen, Connecticut


I interpreted the Muse as an organic heart monitor. The visual rhythm and color pallet reinforced this vital connection begging the question; what is the condition of our global community's life support system? Amid this pandemic, it is easy to lose sight of the terrible destruction we heap on our homelands as we all struggle to find ways to cope with the unfamiliar. We can no longer ignore the social justice issues that have plagued so many peoples around the world. Cognitive dissonance is a luxury state of mind we can not afford to succumb to. It is painful to see the destruction we cause as a species. Can we use that energy to change our minds and expand our understanding of how we are all connected? Feathered, scaled, leafed, earth, air, water? If we are fortunate to have a roof over our head, food, and community, we can help make the changes needed. Mutual Us draws from the beauty and suffering we all share and ends with suggestions on how we might help mitigate climate change.

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