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Spring Rain & Driving to Poughkeepsie, p

Spring Rain & Driving to Poughkeepsie

Leslie Connito

South Salem, New York



Spring Rain

Mixed Media Photography on Art paper

8 x 8 inches



This photo was originally taken in Oberlin Ohio at the only dairy farm located just outside of town. I have taken many photographs in this area of the country as its simplicity and rural aspects seem so inspiring. I enjoy creating a mood and energy through the use of light and color manipulation in my photos, which in this case, depicts the feeling of the emergence of spring.



Driving to Poughkeepsie

Mixed Media Photography on Velvet Rag Art Paper

12 x 12 inches



This photograph is part of a series of pictures taken on the Taconic highway whilst driving to Poughkeepsie. Most of them are about the movement and feelings we endure while driving by landscapes. The photographs were originally random shots taken to be changed into art forms later. Many are double throw-aways, they aren't worthy of being reinvented, but most of them are useable and made into art forms which become reminders of a place, or of a moment, or of a time such as spring, or rain, or just simply movement.

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