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Nora Madonick



Just a word,
A palindrome but 
Not the glorious kind 
Like rotator and racecar, 
Or the lyrical madam 
I’m Adam 
of kids’ stuff or the 
Fun of kayak. 
And certainly not the 
Grace of tenet. 
Just an m and an m and an oh.
Undecorated but not colorless.
Most solidly a noun spoken 
More often than not 
As a verb.
Issued as a command
A demand
A whine
A sob
A yell
A wish.
The please and why and c’mon
That sometimes land on one side or the other
Don’t much matter 
They’re not what’s stressed
Out loud it can be sandpaper 
That grates your teeth, makes you 
Clench in search of just a little more 
A verbal rat-a-tat-tat 
right up your spine.
The very sound can make you
Weary behind your eyes
Sometimes so much so your
Lids close to the 
Sound that repeats
And repeats
Over and over
Again and again.
Until it doesn’t.

 -- Nora Madonick

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