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Croqueting Through The Anthropocene, a painting by Michael Gellatly

Croqueting Through The Anthropocene

Michael Gellatly

Oil and Ink on Paper

48 x 116 inches

Hudson Valley, New York


I paint in an attempt to bear witness to the thrilling emergency of the present. Through a multi-referential lens, my imagery inhabits spaces, while reaching for my own state, a perspective I call the ‘Scenic Overlook’.

These recent paintings build like one would a scroll, or a script, built upon a nonspecific nonlinear narrative, one where the story looms out of reach while the present presents itself in all directions, becoming cinematic in space and time.

This most recent piece, Croqueting Through the Anthropocene, moves through an entanglement of natural/sci-fi landforms, to a suggestion of a crime scene, dislocated and foreign, like the present itself.

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