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January Artist Spotlight - 제뉴어리 조 윤 - January Yoon Cho

Excerpts from The Desert Walk Video (music by Faten Kanaan)

Video with animated drawings

Price Upon Request (Limited edition of 3) - INQUIRE

New York City


The Walk Project explores the cycle of life and the co-existence of humankind with our surroundings. Five years in the making, The Desert Walk Video features my walk performances in 23 different locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. It searches for life through barren desert landscapes with animated silhouette graphics of biological life forms.


Reflecting the dark reality, the story begins by questioning our survival on the Earth with the juxtaposition of the extinct/endangered animals and human fetus. With the birth of a baby, the animation illustrates our interconnection with nature by presenting the beauty of less known parts of the country. It ends with the female and male presence suggested in succulents leading up to the conception of embryos, and projecting towards our open future. The Desert Walk Video encapsulates the beauty, destruction, and preservation of the land we live in.


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