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GUILD HALL GALLERY - June 23rd to September 8th , 2018

Helga Schuhr

EAU RUISALANTE - Paint on Fabric


The time has come to protect our Planet: global warming has already damaged our environment, and we are all responsible for what is going on. We can learn, little by little, how to react to make our Planet clean and joyful for future generations.


We take root, or we are uprooted. We find ourselves transplanted like trees. We

get a grip on new soil, wherever our sphere of activity be at the time. For it is not

always of our will that we seek to make fresh starts.

IT is my very existence, and the world as such, that represent my real roots, that

make me marvel, that inspire philosophical considerations…

Still and all, doubts do crop up.

Can I recognize the world at large in this world that is mine?

I do know that my senses—like the leaves of the tree that is both myself and the support against which I lean—often fool me.

How can I figuratively and graphically transpose the concept of “roots”?

Partly, my work mirrors myself. Just as roots do, so water, air and earth serve as enriching metaphors for me.

I have been living in Neuchâtel (French Switzerland) for many years now.

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