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GUILD HALL GALLERY - September 12- November 10, 2018


Between Dislocation and Settlement

     September 12- November 10, 2018

Opening Reception:

     September 29th, Saturday 12-2PM













Guild Hall Gallery, ceiling installation - Hyong Nam AHN




“Arirang  Grace - Between Dislocation and Settlement “is a mixed media exhibition of Korean contemporary art showcasing 17 artists and one composer who are Korean born but  live and work in three different countries namely,  South Korea, North Korea, and America. 

김명희   Myong Hi KIM,  Painting with Video

김차섭   Tchah Sup KIM, Mixed Media Painting

김영미   Young Mi KIM, Painting

김홍희   Hong Hee KIM, Photography

김봉중   Bong Jung KIM, Multimedia Collage

                Joon KIM, Photography

                Nam June PAIK, Pen and Newspaper

                Kun Hak RI, Painting

박유아   Yoo Ah Park, Painting and Video

배삼식   Sam Sik BAE, Painting

안   준    Jun AHN, Photography

안형남   Hyong Nam AHN, Multimedia Installation

오케잇   Kate OH, Folk Painting

장진원   Jinwon CHANG, Painting

최계근  Gye Kun CHIO, Ink Painting

한규남   Kyu Nam HAN, Painting

홍   범    Buhm HONG, Video Installation

황이주   Yijoo E HWANG,  Musical Arrangement -

               Arirang + Amazing Grace for Quintet

The exhibition brings artists from three different national, geographical, and cultural backgrounds whose relationship to or more precisely whose sense of belongingness to Korea may vary from one another. 


Under one giant umbrella of a new and re-connected Korea, albeit it still has not been realized, Arirang Grace provides a fractal facet of what might be considered as contemporary Korean art with emphasis on the notions of nomadic wanderings and the settlements. 


By presenting plural Korean experiences through creative expressions of the artists, and by searching for the common grounds where the disparate cultures collide and mingle, Arirang Grace conveys that the Korean or Korean art for that matter is not a monolithically defined concept but is a fluid, layered, and morphing notion which is constantly evolving and expanded; it is much like the notions of Arirang and Grace themselves. 


The artists' subjects range from small experiences of everyday life both in their homeland and abroad to bright and dark memories of Korean society and history. 


Through the work, the artists offer commentary on the issues of representation (identities) as well as on their psychosocial and  economical cultural conflicts, struggles, and (dis)connections (identifications)to a dual or multiple traditions, and to the resistance and mutative nature of those cultural customs and merits attached to traditions. 


By addressing viewer's attention to a major diplomatic breakthrough in April 18 as North and South Korea signed the Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula,  it is our hope that the current peace and reconciliation movement will lead to an eventual Korean reunification.

This exhibition was curated by Inhee Iris Moon



Lorraine Laken, 914-669-5033

Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

28 Deveau Road. North Salem, NY 10560-2115

This program is made possible, in part, by Arts Westchester and additional funding from M&T Bank. 

Also sponsorships by the Grace Foundation, ICP (International Contents Platform), SIA & Company, and FAZI

For more information, please call (914) 669-5033 or email

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